Dark Souls II update teased for April 11

Will we finally see gameplay of From Software's RPG sequel?

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grassyknoll1717d ago

Definitely my most awaited game. Can't wait!

Despair6661717d ago

this, witcher 3, Dragon age 3 and hopefully fallout 4 are on my list :)

Captain Qwark 91717d ago

you sir, have excellent taste in games. id throw in cyberpunk as well though

noisemedia1717d ago

Me too man, me too. Dark Souls was truly a rare gem in a world of FPS clones and re-hashed sequels.

One of my all time favorite games, ever.

Shuyin1717d ago

Bring it on already!!!!

Ima prepare to die, once again.

NastyLeftHook01717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

i love this franchise. this is my favorite rpg ever made.

actually this series just is in general one of my favorites ever.

im in trouble...please leave a message!

Sharius1717d ago

i died alot in demon's souls, i died more than that in dark soul, but i can't wait for more, come on, bring me that game already

Sargerus1717d ago

Gameplay reveal please!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.