Always On DRM Could Sink Microsoft’s Xbox 720 Quickly's Dave Walsh explores the rumors of the Durango/Xbox 720 and the always on DRM feature, how it could alienate some gamers or even push them to the opposition of the PlayStation 4 or Wii U.

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lastofgen1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Oh, many articles formed from misinterpreted information are we going to see??

If you did carefully inspect those "leaked" documents, you would have realized that this always online thing applies to updating apps, games, etc. when it's turned off (the final version of the product in consumer hands) and that the devs that got Durango devkits required them to remain online for verification purposes (so they wouldn't sell it to the avoid situations like those Durangos on sale on ebay---this feature is most likely reserved for the devs in this early stage so nothing is leaked and probably won't make it to the final consumer product) and for keeping the devs up-to-date with the latest updates for the kits as Microsoft is probably constantly updating it and want the devs to have the latest info/firmware for optimal performance.

And if you're going to disagree with me, please at least let me know why if I have made any errors reading those "leaked" documents.

thechosenone1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Because in the article that I submitted it clearly states that it's for the purposes of DRM. Did you even read the latest info? Without an internet connection your Xbox won't launch any games or apps at all, you won't even be able to play single-player portion of the game. Wow can you believe it? I can't.

"The Next Xbox Will Require an Internet Connection -->To Start Games<--"


Do you seriously expect all of their sources to all have the same info at the same time? Does that hold true anywhere else? No. Certain people have better connections or higher access to sensitive information.

"that feature is exclusive only for dev Durango kits"

wow..hahaha. we'll find out later this month at their press conference, or is next month now? MS is so shifty these days that you never know what they're planning to do next.

lastofgen1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Well...these "sources," fake or real, are essentially split on the issue.

Some say they don't know anything about an always-online requirement and some say it's true. It could be just that the ones that are saying it's true don't realize that the feature is exclusive only for dev Durango kits to prevent its possibly restricted sharing or sale.

@ above

"Do you seriously expect all of their sources to all have the same info at the same time?"

that's my point below. There are so many sources with conflicting info, but these websites take the most controversial rumor that would generate the most clicks...and bam, it's in their title of the article, giving that particular rumor major emphasis and convincing a ton of people who would normally avoid reading the entire piece that that rumor in the title is the only one that exists.

Don't you see that as problematic?

iGAM3R-VIII1847d ago

I agree to this article because then a lot of people who do not have internet cannot buy the 720 which means a massive sales lose in that area. Also, what about server maintenance that would be hell

aviator1891847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

"wow..hahaha. we'll find out later this month at their press conference, or is next month now? MS is so shifty these days that you never know what they're planning to do next."

I don't think ms have ever been shifty regarding their possible xbox 720 reveal date. At the start of the year, majornelson put a countdown on his website to e3 2013. And that's the last ms has commented regarding that.
I think it was just all these rumors from unofficial sources that were and are doing all the shifting.

ShinMaster1847d ago

won't have much of a problem with it.

And that's all I'm going to say...

1846d ago
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aviator1891847d ago

Well, I haven't actually read through them all, but that does sound more down-to-earth and realistic.

Hopefully, all of this can be sorted out by e3 2013.

dvewlsh1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Yeah, the Kotaku article today was pretty much the latest on it.

It literally says "Durango consumer units" will need an internet connection.

lastofgen1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Right...then it says that some of the sources don't know anything about this always-online connection. And then some of the sources say that this feature is for Microsoft to keep the devs updated with recent dev firmwares and to keep tabs on them.
And then we have that "always online, always connected" one...which could be interpreted in multiple ways. The most logical interpretation would be that this feature is probably optional and would allow the consumer to switch it on and always be connected online so that they wouldn't have to sign on everytime to access xbox live--something a little similar to ps4's quiet sleep mode- you remain connected so you don't have to sign back on but can still play the games (not mp online) if it goes offline.

So....websites like kotaku basically take the rumor that would cause the most controversy, thus more hits for their website, and give it major emphasis by placing it in their title---which is what basically most "readers" comment based off of.

NastyLeftHook01847d ago

I think sinking the ship is a understatement, it would not even get off shore.

dvewlsh1847d ago

I can't think of many people who'd want to play with such restrictive DRM.

Imagine if the Kinect scanning the number of people in the room thing comes true. That'll be worse.

potenquatro1846d ago

Why is this article in Wii U news? We don't do flamebait 'round these parts

fermcr1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Don't trust rumors, but if it's true... bye bye next Xbox (at least for me).

... But there are many users (not on N4G) that probably won't mind being always online. Just take a look at how many people bought Simcity and Diablo 3.

I also thought Microsoft wouldn't get away with paying to play online, and they have been pretty successful with that.

JoeReno1846d ago

Hey thats one way to make everyone buy a gold memebership. Always connected console + 60 bucks to use any of its connected features, like a story mode of a game.


Hellsvacancy1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Its really not going happen, all these developers that have been saying these things have probably been told to say them, so then everyone thinks MS will actually do it.......making them look like the bad-guys

Then in a month itll come out that its untrue, making MS look like the good-guys

Either way itll be irrelevant by that time, because most of the talk on the internet until that point is going to be about "the next-box", thats free advertising right there

I honestly dont give a damn, I wont be buying one, ill be happy with me PS4

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sherimae24131847d ago

but what if this is true?,

oh well just a rumour, let microsoft confirm these, right?

aviator1891847d ago

The thing is, as someone mentioned above, there are just too many contradictory rumors for us to make sense of any of them and have something solid to go on.

Monkeysmarts1847d ago

Contradictory or not, all these rumors are really dampening my enthusiasm for the new Xbox. I would like to have both a PS4 and 720 to get the best of both worlds, but if any of this stuff holds water about the 720 then it will be hard for me personally to pony up the cash for one... just on principal alone. This is not the direction I want console gaming to go.

Hopefully it all proves untrue.

LOGICWINS1847d ago

Even if it was true, I'm sure Microsoft will axe the feature between now and E3 considering the negative reactions towards it. Then again...theres a WIDE market out there of less informed gamers who don't think this is a problem.

NateCole1846d ago

Agree. The more backlash the better.

Septic1846d ago

Even more informed gamers might not care. My mates in a whatsapp group don't see what the big deal is.

rainslacker1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

If it is true, then we can find out how well accepted something like this goes. If it isn't detrimental to sales, then expect it to be commonplace in the next next gen, and gain support among other devices outside of gaming. If not, then we will probably never have to sit through this whole debate again...god willing at least.

Some part of me wants it to be true, just to see the results. But realistically I do find required always on to be very anti-consumer, and don't feel that gamers should be the test bed for something like this. I don't want people to be disappointed with a gaming purchase.

sherimae24131847d ago

specially in this country where i live in....
wi-fi is very scarce... if you want you can pay for 1000php every month with only less than 2mbps, imagine that

kwyjibo1847d ago

I might not bother with a console that enforces always on DRM, but I thought people wouldn't pay a subscription for multiplayer gameplay that you can get for free everywhere else.

And yet, Xbox Live has probably been Microsoft's greatest success.

mistertwoturbo1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

That's the thing about marketing. If they make it appear like a value, then people will pay for it.

I'm pretty sure the Microsoft Sales/Marketing Team is hard at work right now on how to sell an always-online console.

Monkeysmarts1847d ago

Well Microsoft has done a very very good job of making Xbox Live superior to the free alternative in PSN... and I say this as someone who currently only has a PS3. I had a 360 and XBL kills PSN. You get a much higher quality product in paying for XBL, what is essentially 3 or 4 bucks a month, than what is free with PSN (though I do think the value of PS Plus trumps XBL).

A lot of that success has to do with the fact that earlier in this generation the PS3 just could not compete with the games on 360. Xbox established the gaming base in the US and PS3 has just been playing catch up.

Sony looks like they have an altogether much better plan for PSN with the PS4 though so it will be interesting to see how the value stacks up with their tiered subscriptions vs XBL.

1846d ago
gazgriff2k121846d ago

i failed to mention why xbox live is so much better than psn (cross game chat lol) and went on a rant about success YES microsoft have been very successful in ripping people off.

Monkeysmarts1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Anyone who thinks cross game chat is the only thing XBL has over PSN has never used XBL. Love the disagrees... obviously people who have never used both systems to form an objective opinion. I love my PS3 but PSN was garbage for 4 years. Anyone trying to say otherwise is either clueless or a fanboy... probably both.

I like paying for PS Plus far more than XBL just on the free games they give to members. I have about $300 or more worth of games for the price of admission ($50) and the sales are great too.

Baseline PSN experience is not on the same level as XBL though... and that's fine. XBL gives Microsoft more money to make the network better. PSN may be free but it costs Sony money to operate.

Jaqen_Hghar1847d ago

A man doesn't believe MS would be brave enough to use always on and/or no used games. Then again they did INCREASE XBL fees even after PSN was up to snuff and didn't flinch when + started to give the consumer hundreds of dollars of awesome content and discounts for basically everything else. A man would think that since people still pay for XBL and not as many for PS+ that MS may actually be able to convince people this is somehow a good thing since their consumer seems pretty easy to fool.

MultiConsoleGamer1847d ago

Fanboy wishful thinking based on an unconfirmed rumor.

DragonKnight1847d ago

Wishful Thinking? Do you seriously believe that anyone actually WANTS this to be true? Regardless of brand loyalty, no one wants this. Why? Because if successful it would set a precedent that the other companies would use against us all. There isn't a single person that actually wants this, and to believe there is is foolish.

PopRocks3591847d ago

Actually, I think he was saying it as in "Sony fanboys wishing that so they have a reason to bash the console" sort of context.

I guess it could be that. I personally don't want to sling any mud until after I know for sure if Microsoft is implementing it.

NateCole1847d ago

The more backlash the better as it should help deter such thing from ever happening.

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