Gates to Congress: Microsoft needs more H-1B visas

In testimony before the House Committee on Science and Technology on Wednesday, Bill Gates warned that the US was at risk of losing its position of technological leadership. He urged the committee to take steps to improve the education system, increase funding for basic science research, promote private-sector research and development, and allow high-tech companies to hire more skilled foreign workers.

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PS360WII3656d ago

Why give money to people learning when you can build a new football field and new stands for the crowd. Funding for research!? We'd rather put more funding for entertainment. ><

Syko3656d ago

The first fanboy in that doesn't read and/or understand the article will prove this point when he launches into an Anti-360/MS rant.

Who's it gonna be fellas?? lol.

SeanScythe3656d ago

Bill is a moron, a rich moron but a moron. All he wants is cheap laybor and cares nothing for the people that put him where he is today. Lets hire people from other countries to fill the jobs we could pay Americans.

Sad. Sure he has nothing to worry about he knows no one is going to take his job. I would love to see him crash and fall, be forced to try and get a normal job. With companies hirring more skilled foreign workers he might not get anything more the a job at taco bell. Cause I'm sure he would demand a lot more money. But why give it to him when Ahbibe will work for less and do the same job?

wow4u3656d ago

"Lets hire people from other countries to fill the jobs we could pay Americans."

No, lets take all the best minds on the planet and make them American. Global industry requires a global workforce.

Would you prefer that MSFT starts offices abroad and fill them with staff abroad?

Or would you prefer they hire the brightest people on the planet, move them to America, where their high-salaries, production, children (probably likely to also be bright...) and the rest help AMERICA become a better place.

Xenophobia doesnt make sense in the USA, it would be nice to think for a second where the 85% white popluation came from (hint: they are less "American" than all those brown people who "illegally immigrate" from Mexico, South and Central America).

Dont get me wrong, I'm a 1st generation son of immigrants from Europe myself. And, if you want America to succeed, denying Microsoft -- one of the last top-flight international firms in this country -- from growing *IN AMERICA* you have to give them the staff they want.

This isnt about the price of the staff, but about access to the best people on the planet.

7h3ultim8p003656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Our education system sucks such much ass that we have to get foreigners to run everything. The reason people are turning to foreigners is because there aren't enough qualified people willing to do those jobs. Statistics show that the average American-born college student does not pursue a career in computer engineering or medicine or anything of that sort. They do business.

Americans are too stupid to run their own country. Stop blaming Gates.

I mean, look at our freakin' president!

season0073656d ago

some so-called college students can't even do algebra right...

jaja14343656d ago

Of the 35k students at my school, only 600 are in the Computer Science department. And only about 25-30 graduate per sem.

cpuchess3656d ago

There are plenty of skilled Americans to do these jobs, it's just that Bill doesn't want to pay them. I have worked for several software companies and they all have hired to some extent, workers from countries like India. Those poor people get paid hardly anything at all, that's what the big companies want.

wow4u3656d ago

Totally. 100% wrong. Microsoft can afford to pay people more. The salaries mean NOTHING.

It has to do with getting the best people from *all over the world* to come and work here in America.

cpuchess3654d ago

The are plenty of people in this country that lost their jobs when the internet bubble burst. Many people left the industry entirely because they could not find a job, when the industry recovered the high salary jobs were gone to outsourcing companies. I know, I was there.

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