Defiance: The first true console MMO is off to a rocky start

After spending a few hours with defiance, it definitely has technical issues.

It does show some promise though.

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badjournalism1271d ago

LOL "first true console MMO"....Final Fantasy XI would like word with you.

will_c_751270d ago

Dc universe, free realms, and to a lesser extent MAG, as well

Soldierone1270d ago

Totally forgot about DC Universe, I'm going to jump back into that soon

sonicsidewinder1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Obviously written by a casual.

Wasn't Phantasy Star Online available to Xbox, and even the Gamecube?

And Dreamcast before that! lmfao

JeffKaos1270d ago

Uh, yeah. Obviously you didn't read the article because he totally mentions FF XI. He even links the comment to the games wiki page.

badjournalism1270d ago

Your point being? His headline is *still wrong*, no matter how you spin it.

pat_11_51271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Very true, although I do mention it right away in the story.

Axe991270d ago

You do, but you miss out on PSU, DCUO, Free Realms and MAG - a little research beyond your immediate experience may have helped some - an Xbox 360 only gamer by any chance perhaps? ;).

Hicken1270d ago

You missed a LOT of true console MMOs, which others have already listed.

pat_11_51271d ago

I'm still down to try this game. It looks awesome.

xPhearR3dx1271d ago

So you wrote the story? Says at the top your review is in progress, but you're down to try the game?

I don't get it.

pat_11_51271d ago

Accidental comment, it was supposed to be on another story. My mistake.

Neko_Mega1270d ago

I think theirs alot of other MMO games that came out before this one.

I played the beta for this, its a ok game. But I would get it when its at a lower price.

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The story is too old to be commented.