First Incredible Hulk screenshots

Sega published the first Incredible Hulk screenshots.

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butterfinger3722d ago

the Hulk actually looks pretty good (in my opinion of course). This looks much better than the last one. lol

marinelife93721d ago

Let me actually knock down those buildings behind him and I'm in.

THX71683721d ago

Comment #4 by ALItheWISE has a link to the trailer but it is on and lets be honest...MTV sucks donkey balls.

You can go directly to The Incredible Hulk movie website to watch the trailer. The HD link takes you to the MTV website because it is currently the only site to have it. But if you're not watching in HD just go to the Marvel site:


Lord Vader3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )


brocool3722d ago

hehe hulk.. bad game, even worse movie.. it will be interesting to see Ed Norton this time around tho

Cwalat3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

i thought Iron Man looked pretty good to, but who knows...
my perception of this game could change in a second.

edit: after taking closer look at images, im really not impressed,
this looks like a game for PS2 or Wii..

fredy3722d ago

look at hulk on original xbox and this hulk. i'm sure is not even done.

neonchez3722d ago

i'm not all that impressed either. it seems to me that the Hulk model received way more attention than anything else. Hulk himself looks fantastic but the environments look horrible. all the textures look like they were painted on and all the windows and store fronts look flat and well...painted on. these are the first screenshots so i'm sure things will improve. if the devs put as much detail into the environments as they did the Hulk model i'm sure things will turn out fine.

liquidsnake3722d ago

LoL Edward Nothon and Tim Roth? They are not ment to participate in movies like this.

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The story is too old to be commented.