Losing your voice - 10 characters that changed actors

GamesRadar - The most iconic characters in gaming often have just as iconic voices. Much like Mel Blanc's legendary voice will always be associated with Looney Tunes, names like Charles Martinet (Mario) and Nolan North (Nathan Drake, among others) will always be linked to their characters.

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Root1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

What they've replaced Jaks voice actor completely now...Josh Keaton sucks as Jak. He sounded terrible in All Stars, I hope they don't use him for Jak 4

darthv721843d ago

changing actors in movies and tv has been quite common. I remember the changing Becky's in Rosanne or the guy that plays Rhodes in Iron Man was different in Iron Man 2.

Probably one of the more famous character changes was Daren on Bewitched. First it was Dick York then it was Dick Sargent. Its not often you change Dicks mid season.

DragonKnight1843d ago

How about Vivian Banks. I've never seen a more dramatic change.

majiebeast1843d ago

I didnt mind the Infamous voice change.

Root1843d ago

I didn't to be honest, I think it was because he was only in one game and the fact the new actor sounded like him.

I just don't see the trouble though of getting a new voice actor only to not make the next game inFAMOUS 3 starring Cole. Unless they are keeping that for later.

Smashbro291843d ago

That was the one I minded most on the list. The new one just totally sucks me out of the world.

unworthyBOZO1843d ago

Its gonna be so bizarre for Snake though, after so many years that voice has become part of my childhood.

Good_Guy_Jamal1843d ago

No Michael Ironside? Fail. Man has got one of the most iconic voices in gaming.
Not happy about his omission from Blacklist but Immo play the heck out of that game regardless!

DeadManMcCarthy1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

David Hayter is only good at voicing young Solid Snake and Naked Snake. He totally blows at playing the older Snake's like Big Boss.

I hated his voice in Peace Walker, it sounded too much like Old Snake and it sounded fake. You need someone more natural and the right age to play Big Boss, not a young guy trying to sound old.

It was the right decision to hire another voice actor to play Big Boss. I just wish it was John Cygan, the guy who voiced Solidus Snake.

No hate on David Hayter though, i'm a big fan of his and grew up playing MGS since 98. MGS1, MGS2 and MGS3 were solid performances by David. It's a shame about PW though.

Whitefox7891843d ago

Kind of ironic you say that considering the new guy they had voiced in the gameplay video for Phantom Pain made Big Boss sound a lot younger.

DeadManMcCarthy1843d ago

No he didn't, he was speaking in a low tone.

kingdomtrigger1843d ago

Yea my main problem with it was that he had a really smooth voice, which is just really weird. Where did all the gravelyness to his voice go? lol

DragonKnight1843d ago

You understand that Snake is a clone of Big Boss right? It stands to reason that what Snake sounds like as an old man is what Big Boss would sound like as an old man and vice versa. It's stupid to have one guy play an old snake sounding one way, and his progenitor who shares identical genes (barring mutation and variance) to sound completely different. And given the depth of story these games are trying to convey, it shouldn't be a surprise that the topic of Big Boss and Snake being genetically identical yet sounding completely different is brought up.

DeadManMcCarthy1838d ago

Young Al Pacino sounds different to Old Pacino.

What's your point?

DragonKnight1838d ago

Old Snake sounds the same as Old Big Boss, what's YOUR point?

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