Dear Square-Enix, Please Remake Final Fantasy 7 Now

Gi - This debate has been sung by spoony bards plenty of times before but now it is time to dust off our Phoenix Downs and cast them once again at our hopes for a Final Fantasy 7 remake. Why? The landscape for Square-Enix has changed very drastically recently. What was once a financially lucrative landscape that raked in the gil as effectively as the Gold Saucer now looks to be a meteored apart cosmo canyon. Squeenix might just finally have to cash in that Golden Chocobo shaped meal ticket.

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majiebeast1878d ago

Lets see how they do FFX and Kingdom hearts 1.5 first, cause studios can even mess up remakes.

kalkano1878d ago

Those aren't really remakes (just upping to HD), so I don't think they'll be a good gauge. FF7 would require completely remaking everything about the game.

imahustla191878d ago

They technically are remakes. They started from almost scratch reworking everything and updating it.hope there good tho

kalkano1877d ago

No, the games (story, battles, etc) are EXACTLY the same. The only thing they're doing, is upping the graphics to HD.

wishingW3L1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

those are not remakes. Remake is when you take something old and make it from the ground-up again. FFX is just a remaster. In other words, exactly the same game but prettier... But you can't really remaster FF7, there is no way. No matter how much you bump the resolution and AA the game will still look just as ugly.

Marcello1878d ago

Anyone wanting a FF7 remake can vote by buying the FFX HD version. Petitioning with your cash is always heard.

Baka-akaB1878d ago

By buying it i'm voting for FFXII first /instead :p

Orokana1878d ago

Obviously I don`t know FFX is yet, but I`ve played and finished KH 1.5. It was a really good HD remake. There were a few times in some cutscenes where one shot would be of a HD model and the next of the PS2 model, but apart from that, it was very well done and I felt like it was great value for money.

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Neoninja1878d ago

I might be in the minority here, but I wouldn't want a remake of FF7. Maybe create a new chapter in the story. Coarse with Square the way they are right now that may not be a good thing either.

Hanso1878d ago

yeah i want a sequel after all genisis is still alive and picked up weiß body ?!

Baka-akaB1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Yup i'd rather have a sequel that might actually ends up good , over a remake that could pilfer a classic or not translate as well as the original .

I'm especially not looking forward to the Advent children designs and mood being used for the original FF7

-Gespenst-1878d ago

At last a small enclave of sensible people on N4G.

rawshack1878d ago

every day its the same thing .ive given up on these guys

rodiabloalmeida1878d ago

They're not gonna do it unless they go bankrupt. And when they go bankrupt, they will not do it becouse they gone bankrupt. Its a paradox. Now serious... errmm... I think I already got serious on the matter. Nothing to see here. Square-Enix is not Square. Sad but true.

Pyrrhus1878d ago

I would much rather they finish their current projects and release a successor to a particular series (3 is a hint).

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The story is too old to be commented.