Bully Debate… Teacher: Gamers Don't Get It… Developer: Teachers Should Play the Game

The debate over Bully: Scholarship Edition continues to rage, primarily in Canada. There, Mary-Lou Donnelly, head of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union, pens an op-ed slamming the game in the Halifax Chronicle-Herald. Among her points: Gamers just don't get it. Meanwhile, game developer Clint Hocking, writing for his Click Nothing blog, has issued a challenge to the educators who are protesting Bully.

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You bought an Xbox3655d ago

It looked damm good on the PS2
It looks like Sh!t on the KaKBoX

iAmPS33655d ago

Spot On.
Congrats for the accurate comment.

Tempist3655d ago

Bah! This entire fiasco shames me. First this is the second incarnation of Bully, so why the hell are they trying to protest it now?

Second yeah, don't go mob/lynching a game that you know nothing about. That's primarily why lynchers get in the trouble they do.

iAmPS33655d ago

The Xbox is getting lots of bad press this year:

1 - RROD
2 - Mass Effect Sex Scandal
3 - Just 2 games this year (Fable 2 and GOW 2)
4 - Bully haters

Come on, soon nobody will buy this miserable attempt at a game console.
Sorry xbots, your days of game playing are about to end.

jinn3655d ago

i guess they havent heard of GTA4 yet