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Manhattan Island is under attack and is in need of some serious intervention. Super villains Abomination and the Sandman are doing their best to destroy the city and LEGOs are flying everywhere. Who can intervene and save the island from total destruction? Who is ready to step up to the challenge?

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Wedge191809d ago

Seems like it's gonna be pretty cool. I love Lego games.

dbjj120881809d ago

I've had so much fun with the Lego series, I always say I won't play the next game but then I always do.

porkChop1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Is the Vita game gonna be open world this time or will it just be another watered-down port?

ftwrthtx1809d ago

The producer said the Vita version will be the same as the console version.

porkChop1809d ago

Good. They royally screwed up the last one.

Apollosupreme1809d ago

Perhaps this will be worth consideration. Still, I probably won't buy it because they've dropped the ball on the Vita so far and there are other games coming out that I'd rather play.

profgerbik1809d ago

Where did you read this? Could you point me to the source?

ftwrthtx1809d ago

The amount of LEGOs on the screen at one time is crazy.

secretcode1809d ago

I can't stop laughing at Sandman's design.

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