The Phantoms of Kojima Productions

Over the past week, we here at Real Gamer Newz have been having some interesting discussions about the upcoming cloven Metal Gear Solid V. Speculations have mostly been about what consoles both parts will be featured on, and while both parts have been confirmed for PS3 and XBOX 360, with no release dates yet offered by Kojima or Konami, it’s fairly safe to assume that there will be at least versions of them on next gen consoles. The Fox engine just seems too powerful for them to limit themselves on their flagship game in their marquis series to current gen gaming devices. All the footage that we’ve seen so far, from last year’s announcement of Ground Zeroes to last week’s reveal of the full Phantom Pain trailer has been running on a PC construct, so it’s certainly possible that they’ll release PC versions as well.

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Garethvk1842d ago

You never know you could see them for the current and next generation systems.

zerocrossing1842d ago

It's Kojima so who can say?

epicjrpg1842d ago

I could see this coming to PC as well! The more platforms the better IMO

Hassassin1842d ago

I'd love to have a PC version