After 24 Pages I Finally Care About the Heroine of The Last of Us

Kotaku: "Particularly worrisome was the idea of the thirteen-year-old sidekick, Ellie. From what I'd seen up until now, she seemed at best a liability, and at worst an opportunity to really explore just how horrible humanity can be (look, they're beating up a kid). Maybe I just needed to get to know her.

That's what's going on in Dark Horse's The Last of Us: American Dreams, a four-issue limited series co-written by the game's creative director Creative director Neil Druckmann and Faith Erin Hicks, who also handles art duties. This is the story of Ellie, a little girl lost in world that's losing its way."

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majiebeast1845d ago

I wonder if they are also gonna be focusing a bit on Joels back story in the comics, i wish Sony offered these digital cause i doubt this is on sale in the Netherlands.

SymphonicRain1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Sorry to hear that friend. It does seem strange that they wouldn't offer the comics digitally. I'm pretty disappointed myself seeing as my nearest comic shop is a 40 minute drive and I don't even drive.

thorstein1844d ago

Is it out yet? I thought it wasn't out til the 24th (yes I mean the comic.)

SymphonicRain1844d ago

People have reported getting it early.

DigitalRaptor1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

I think the point of these comics is to flesh out Ellie's back story as we'll find out more about Joel during the game due to his ability to explain things about the world and his past to Ellie during gameplay and story moments.

Anyway, I'm gonna wait for the complete volume hardback book they'll inevitably bring out. Comics are nice but too flimsy especially as collectables.

FRAKISTAN1844d ago

Kotaku,kill it before it lays eggs

Blacklash931844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

"she seemed at best a liability..."

What footage did this guy watch? She's looked nothing but useful and interesting.

FrostyZipper1844d ago

Proving once more that Kotaku does not do even the slightest bit of research. Also: cosplay articles.

It's like The Sun of gaming journalism.

joel_c171844d ago

Will Kotaku ever get banned from N4G?

smashcrashbash1844d ago

I am sorry.At what point did Ellie ever act like a liability? I must have missed that video.

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