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If rumor is true, the next Xbox gives a big middle finger to gamers not wanting always-on gameplay

I'm boiling over with anger right now. If the rumor report by Kotaku today is true, there's going to be a lot of gamers just as angry as I am. Kotaku reported that two of their sources are saying the next Xbox, codenamed Durango, will be an always-online system. (Dev, Industry, Microsoft, My Xbox, Next-Gen, Tech, Xbox LIVE, Xbox One)

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TheLyonKing  +   781d ago
I think ms are doing that to gamers right now! This past year and a bit has been a snoozefest.

This always online is going to suck for a lot of places in the Middle East or any remote area in western countries! I hope it isn't true.
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sengoku  +   781d ago
don't explode just yet, M$ have said nothing yet!
_-EDMIX-_  +   781d ago
???? Are we still trying to get folks to believe that? LOL! Look its all but confirmed to be true. Can you even name a console that has released these past 10 years that NOTHING was leaked about prior to announcement?

The same sources that have leaked PS4....are leaking this same damn system. To say its a "rumor" or "fake" is just down right stupid. At this point, I'm taking it as a damn fact. As to weather or not MS want to keep it in due to all the negative press is really up to them, but Kotaku is pretty much saying those new devkits HAVE IT IN! ie 720 will STILL have this always on DRM.

Too many sources are saying the same damn thing. Buddy....its true.
sengoku  +   781d ago
i'm just saying everybody should take it easy man.
true or false, nothing has been announced so it's still 50%/50%
i can see it happening but that doesn't mean it will.
BabyTownFrolics  +   781d ago
Rabid fanboys up in here they smell blood there is no room for reason
Cam977  +   781d ago
Haha! Xbox fanboys boast about their "superior" online service, yet when a rumour details MS' plans to take that a step forward they complain?!? Right... Enjoy hanging on threads with those remarks.
dedicatedtogamers  +   781d ago
If anyone can convince their followers to believe that always-on DRM is a good thing, it would be Microsoft.

"Okay, so HD-DVD failed, but at least we have Netflix!"
"Okay, so RRoD is widespread and horrible, but at least we have the warranty!"
"Okay, so the warranty can sometimes take weeks to get me a new sytem, but at least it was free!"
"Okay, so all of our games are going multiplatform, but at least we have...multiplatforms!"
"Okay, so we have to pay for online that is free everywhere else, but at least we have cross-game chat!"

From overpriced hardware and wi-fi antennas, to unwanted changes to the dashboard, to a steep drop in exclusive support, to a massive shift over to casual gaming with Kinect, the 360 loyalists have never failed to make excuses for Microsoft.

And no one can dare say "Sony and Nintendo fanboys do that, too". No. The only fanboys on the same level of denial are Apple cultists. The Sony crowd ate humble pie for years while PS3 played catchup and while PSP (and now Vita) were the 2nd-place handheld. Nintendo fans ate humble pie as the Wii's library continued to be devoid of compelling, hardcore games for years and years. At least they'll acknowledge the shortfalls of their preferred company.

Besides, Persona 2 taught me that The Joker always makes rumors come true.
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Septic  +   780d ago
"The Sony crowd ate humble pie for years"

Haha you have got to be kidding me. Lol I'm sorry but your post was just ridiculous. And let me show you why:

Sony exec said, get two jobs or work overtime to buy our console. You swallowed any pride and said okay. Sony said their device wasn't a dedicated gaming machine but an entertainment device. Sonys last minute attempt to copy Nintendo came up with the SixAxis but you defended it. For all its cost it couldn't do basic voice chat like the old Xbox could but you said it's okay, we have Skype. The complex CELL architecture meant most third party games ran better on the Xbox than the console you were supposed to get two jobs for, but you said, oh developers are lazy, they are to blame (and now Sony has done a u-turn and you're happy). Mandatory installs made the console import the worst aspect of Pc gaming into console gaming but you said, oh go make me a sandwich and do something else for 10 minutes (now Sony made a concerted effort to make gameplay instantaneously and you rejoice).

Sony fans never ate humble pie (not the ones here that's for sure). Sony was supposed to crush its opponents when it came into its stride remember? But that clearly didn't happen. Sony fans on this site are the worst:
Sony against MS: Lol Kinect- you have no exclusives but forget about a generation that had an unprecedented third party presence in the industry. Then you scoff at the (admittedly few) exclusive MS has desperately trying to downplay the likes of Forza, (where all of a sudden review scores are mired in conspiracy) Gears and Halo (the latter of which Sony still hasn't got an answer for). MS came up with achievements? Oh they basically copied some obscure game that had that (clearly not understanding the nature of the feature or making excuses not to give credit where credits due)

Sony vs Nintendo: 'Lol look at the weak specs. Oh and same old ip's lol. No one wants Mario 100'. Yeah okay kids. Just look at the sheer quality of Mario 64 or Galaxy. And look at the qualitity of the Zelda titles. Nintendo are always at the forefront of innovation but no, the raw tech specs are all many fanboys, especially Sony ones, are what the are concerned with. Which amusingly, leads us to:

Sony vs PC: 'lol no one has money for a $2,000.00 PC because that is the money you require to get a decent gaming computer. Oh and Killzone still looks better than your games'

Where does this superiority complex come from in Sony fans? I'm most likely to game primarily on the PS4 but the attitudes of Sony fanboys as a whole, and I'm talking about the majority on here, not the usual trolls is just plain moronic. You tout the importance of games so much but seldomn act like gamers, bullying others with your hypocrisy and ill informed, sensationalist garble.

Take this article for example. It's just a rumour. Are you forgetting the rumours about blocking used games before Sony unveiled the PS4? Remember how Sony said nothing before the unveiling? Apply the same standards here.

Maybe Persona should have taught you that a Joker with an agenda wants rumours to be true.
lastofgen  +   781d ago
this always online rumor began with-- the dev got durango devkits that required an always-online connection so that they could always remain verified/secured and be given instant and up-to-date updates for the kit.

this always online thing probably has nothing to do with the final product.
Freedomland  +   780d ago
What's wrong with always online, if you don't like it, don't buy it because Microsoft like their product this way, so be it.
Ok by me.
GalacticEmpire  +   781d ago
Are there any gamers that WANT always on DRM?

Whether you believe all publicity is good publicity or not, the rampant negative press towards the Xbox 3 is having an adverse effect on gamers perceptions of Microsoft as a gaming company.
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xander70769  +   781d ago
Well it shouldn't be causing negative perceptions towards Microsoft because Microsoft hasn't said a peep yet. As far as I'm concerned this is all speculation and until Microsoft officially confirms or denies rumors I'll reserve my anger and perceptions.

It would be nice if Microsoft would just set the record straight now instead of staying silent, but at the same time Microsoft doesn't have to make a public announcement every time people start spreading rumors. No company does.

If Microsoft does require always online connection, they will definitely lose a customer right here though. There is no way I will purchase that, simple as that. I own a ps3 and Xbox 360, I love my 360 and I hope to get the ps4 and nextbox, but if rumors come true I'll be sticking with Sony exclusively.
GalacticEmpire  +   781d ago
Sadly, those who are patient and open minded enough to hold off judgement are the minority. MS's silence is only hurting the situation if anything, like the article states,

"...if it wasn't true, why wouldn't Microsoft just squash it now so that there's not a negative connotation surrounding their next Xbox?"
rainslacker  +   781d ago
Good question. Maybe the people that are OK with the idea can tell us what compelling reason there is for an always-online connection on a game console. I'll even concede before hand that we don't have all the facts. I'm just talking hypotheticals, and people are free to speculate on the meaning of a required always-on connection. For this hypothetical, I say that it is required to play your games...as in not optional. Further, if your connection goes down, your system is useless. I'll await some positive answers.
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Rusty515  +   781d ago
I highly disagree. With this new Xbox 720 feature, it gives Microsoft the upper-hand against their competitors concerning video game piracy. This is a really smart business move on Microsoft's part. ...said no one ever.
TKCMuzzer  +   781d ago
It's a valid point. But forcing people to have an internet connection to play single player games is not the answer. Many people don't want to be constantly connected by 'choice' and that's the key word. On another note I know plenty of people who bought a second 360 because of how easy it is to mod and get copied games for, I should imagine around the world that tallies up.
Microsoft need to be careful, they have not really been great in the last couple of years as they seemingly distance themselves from the core gamer.
They will need a good showing, good games and most importantly something different with Xbox live, because paying just to play online won't be enough next time round.

This is my opinion, I got rid of my Xbox 360 due to Microsoft's dogged stance on Xbox live. I could not even play multiplayer demo's without a Gold account, demo's, that's ridiculous. Sony offered so much more for £40 a year and in these times that's were my money goes and a long way with that.

I'm interested to see what happens next....
Gimmemorebubblez  +   780d ago
Sony filed a patent for antipiracy offline software which measures the load times on the blu-ray disk.
pete007  +   781d ago
future is allways on line, my pc is allways online, my iPhone is allways onlime, my dog is allways online, i am allways online, see the matrix and youll find out where will we be in the future!!! lol
clintagious650  +   781d ago
Thats not the problem. The real problem is NOT EVERYONE has internet. MS will be leaving out alot of consumers with this do to having to be online just to play your game. Us gamers who have internet is a small percentage of potential buyers. MS should just come out & get rid of these rumours.

So your telling me that sum users dont have a 2nd account? Get real bruh. Also the user base is smaller then u think due to rrod. Same can be said bout the any other system.
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IronFistChinMi  +   781d ago
That's BS. Microsoft have 40 million+ subscribers to Live, they've sold over 70 million 360's. How is that a small percentage of gamers with internet?
TKCMuzzer  +   781d ago
But that means by your maths there could be nearly 30 million 360's not online, that's 30 million possible game purchasers, that's a lot of revenue. Even 10 million would be a big loss.

I agree it's not a small percentage of gamers as the above suggested but Microsoft would risk losing many customers and ironically it's more likely to be the casuals who we know they are trying to attract.
IronFistChinMi  +   781d ago
@TKCMuzzer Microsoft pull in close to a billion dollars per year through Live; http://kotaku.com/5581839/x...

Microsoft won't be making a lot of money from those gamers who don't use Live, so they probably deem it worth the risk. I don't think it's a good idea, but they'll turn a profit regardless.
IronFistChinMi  +   781d ago
@clint See my link above. Cold, hard numbers man. 2nd accounts doesn't matter when the money pours in like that.

As for your smaller user base theory, provide numbers. My launch 360 died December 2008 after a 1.5 years, got a free replacement 9 days later. Refurbished 360's don't count towards Microsoft's sales figures.
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rainslacker  +   781d ago
The difference is, that's your choice. Not everyone chooses the same, or even has that choice. Mandatory is just the wrong way to go, but optional is perfectly fine, and it's even what many do now.

Also by your comment it seems that you can truly state that you are online 100% of the time. Never has your internet gone down. Never have you had to wait hours or days when your ISP decided to do something, or the servers that run your precious games haven't gone down or been hacked.

Future is not always online. No more than it is F2P or digital distribution. Stop accepting things blindly just because you think it doesn't affect you. Look at everything from a consumer standpoint, because eventually something will affect you and you will feel exactly like many people do now over the very thought of this rumor.
Tzuno  +   781d ago
Then i will upgrade my PC and leave the console path. these kind of articles make me think that are a bait to see if people embrace the idea or are against it then ms could decide what to do. :)
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Software_Lover  +   781d ago
Another blog, blogging about a rumor of a rumor of a rumor that has been discussed and blogged about for the past month+.
TheSurg  +   781d ago
To the person who wrote the article. You are a retard for not understanding what the documents were about. This always-online feature is for updating games, apps and other stuff while xbox is off, NOWHERE IT SAYS YOU CAN'T PLAY GAMES OFFLINE! Learn to read with understanding and cut that crap already.
pete007  +   781d ago
master Surg, you realy saved the day, could you just tell rusty i dont nlike his profile picture
_-EDMIX-_  +   781d ago
Buddy....you can do that on the Wii. If it wasn't DRM why on earth would they have you install all the games on the hdd and not play off disk?

Buddy.....its DRM. Any way you slice it. Sony's PS4 allows for the controller to charge while the system is off (or in sleep mode I'm guessing) yet...no one is going crazy over that. Its because its saying YOU MUST HAVE 720 ONLINE IN ORDER TO USE IT....IE DRM! Nice try, but please....get out of bed with MS, they have STDRMs!
theDECAY  +   781d ago

...Oh, now I get it!

SignifiedSix91  +   781d ago
Why does this rumour pop up every day? Its just a hit seeking article to heat up the fangirl war.
brettyd  +   781d ago
If the same rumor keeps popping up, makes me think that its probably true.
Software_Lover  +   781d ago
but the other article says that the sources are contradicting each other. Why is no one blogging about that?
brettyd  +   781d ago
Hope this isn't true, i'm often put in situations where I have no internet connection. MS is going to lose a ton of customers if this is true, a lot of people still dont have high speed internet.
Jek_Porkins  +   781d ago
If rumors were true we'd all be in big trouble just about every single day. It isn't smart to report rumor as truth, people often get upset over rumors with nothing to substantiate.

We don't know who is giving this "information", as it's always an "unnamed source", which isn't very official sounding to me in the least. Considering the lengths Microsoft has gone through to protect their next console from leaks(zebra print ID), I think it wouldn't be far off to suggest that they might require online DRM for devs so that they can track any potential leaks.

It could all just be bullcrap that people are repeating over and over again simply for hits and to stir people up. We don't know.

I don't really deal in what if, when we have some cold hard facts I'll make an informed decision about the console.
Nodoze  +   781d ago
Too bad MS is too lazy to even release any information on their super duper next gen device.

Won't hear anything until E3.

Cannot wait to see Call of Duty 29 running with an always on DRM scenario on this new machine. Especially with the 3 week early head start launch that MS paid Activision for. That's cause MS is a game's company. They care about gamers!!
syphon32  +   781d ago
No, they really don't.
pete007  +   781d ago
“Your favorite Game Developers earn money when you buy new games and then they use that money to make more awesome games. If you buy used games, your favorite developers don’t get the money but the money goes to the retailers. So how do they make more games without any money. ”
brish  +   781d ago
They make money these ways on used games:
- when purchased new (used games were all new once)
- online passes
- future purchases *
- credit from used sales **

* I wasn't into horror games because I didn't find them scary. On a whim I bought Dead Space in the bargain bin and I liked it. I liked it so much I bought Dead Space 2 for $60 when it was released. If there wasn't a reduced price on Dead Space I never would have bought Dead Space 2 later. Although I don't buy used games some people do to see if they like a specific type of game and become future customers of the franchise.

** When a game is returned to a retailer they don't give you money they give you credit. This credit can be used to get more games (some of which are new). People have been using to get more games than they could afford. No used games = people can't afford as many new games.
edonus  +   781d ago
I dont think they will do a DMR and if they did I think they will have some way of balancing it out.

1st keep in mind the source was Kotoku and you know that is nothing but BS and speculation for hits.

MS has demonstrated to be the smartest of the 3 when it comes to straight business. They were the first to slowdown production of exclusives because the yields werent there. They some the value in exclusive and timed DLC and more. You may consider all of those things bad for gaming but for business and earning they were golden.

Think about what we are saying here. A company that has shown they are out to get as much money as they can wants to completely alienate people that dont have online access.... Without giving anyone else anything to soften the blow. It just doesnt sound right. It just doesnt make sense. I know on internet gaming sites making sense is an endangered species but just to show the world some of us still have a brain I feel compelled to make this post.

Really in order to have any solid base for this argument you would need to find a scenario or formula where MS can make just as much if not more money requiring an online connection than just keeping it how its is now. Without that this is just FUD.
Why o why  +   781d ago
'MS has demonstrated to be the smartest of the 3 when it comes to straight business. They were the first to slowdown production of exclusives because the yields werent there. They some the value in exclusive and timed DLC and more. You may consider all of those things bad for gaming but for business and earning they were golden.'

Put your gamer hat on mate because your aren't getting any of that money MS is. You own any stocks or shares? Lmao.

I swear you're the same guy saying MS hadn't slowed down but here its now smarter business...you kill me. Don't you want more?

I wish these rumours would just stop. MS can speak whenever they're ready as its their prerogative. No point really speculating either way
edonus  +   781d ago
I took that naive hat off along time ago.

I remember I bought the Dreamcast..... I loved that console its was so ahead of its time. Modem out box, analogs triggers (thats actually where MS got theirs from) screen in the controller doubled as a memory card. Great games and all but sony had to strong of a brand recognition and Sega lost lots of respect through the industry. Pound for pound Dreamcast was a great system that if solely based off of performance it should have sold enough to coast through the next couple years of Sony Xbox and Gamecube so they could release a new console in the 5-6yr cycle but it didnt.

They didnt have the partners or the structure so my investment in a great system was cut short. The business of gaming is gaming to think it is not is foolish.

As for wanting more I have over 60 games this gen 90+% I enjoyed, there is a giant back log of games I still want to play there is even games i own but havent had the chance to finish. I have services that make my movie and entertainment easy and super enjoyable, I even got play with an innovative motion controls system that expanded my systems functionality and had some fun little experiences.

Basically.... My cup over is overflowing. More what, more exclusives that I would either play and have to move something else to the backlog or just put the new exclusive in the backlog. More for the sake of more is just greed. If you are a greedy consumer that means the things you have arent fulfilling your needs and you may need a change.

And you never heard me say MS didnt slow down making core exclusives.
Why o why  +   780d ago
sad, I loved my dreamcast too but thats no excuse. I also hear you on the backlog...ps+ has made that backlog worse but those weren't my points. MS isnt going out of business any time soon with their peripheral pricing and live fees. They could do more as people have always said ms have a comparable number of studios so as a gamer I want more within reason.

If the ps is your second console you have a wider choice of games to catch up on. I went back to lost planet and last odyssey plus a few more because there were great games that were released before I grabbed a 360 but since I caught up theres not been much reason for me to switch my 360 on except for the sky player.

Am I not allowed to demand more as the 360s exclusives are all im going to buy for it. Obviously the multiplatform games are purchased for my station

Last thing....if you took your gamer hat off why dont you stick to forbes website or some other business first forums. The business end is important but putting these multi million/billion interests I. front of our own gaming needs is just ridiculous in my honest opinion
BitbyDeath  +   781d ago
Introducing always online will likely benefit them more than hurt them.

MS could use the always online in their favour to restrict used/burnt copies forcing only new games to be played. They might alienate people without internet connections but the real money is made from selling games and not consoles.
#14.2 (Edited 781d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
syphon32  +   781d ago
Which they'll see a drastic decline in both if they choose that option.
jc48573  +   781d ago
I just hope Sagakuchi stop making games for that console, then I'm ok. The only reason I bought a 360 was for various games that companies were too stubborn to port to the ps3 simply because microsoft paid them. Keep Dead Rising and RPGs multiplatform.
Tyre  +   781d ago
Stories by retards. None of all rumors are true. Kinect will not be mandatory, Interface also usable with controller, Kinect has not been built in but will be standart in the box with every Next Xbox. Used games can be played, Games can be played offline, Always online means, console always actively keeping thing updated when connection is detected. Most of these kinds of rumors are made up by pathetic individuals that seek attentions and like to be provocative. See it as rascal behavior. Microsoft is not stupid, if all of this was true they might as well not enter the next console cycle, because everybody would buy a PS4 instead.
eferreira  +   781d ago
Well if they can sucker people for paying to pay online I'm sure they will spin this always online thing as something great.
amiga-man  +   781d ago
well said and bubble for saying it.
edonus  +   781d ago
They didnt sucker anything... they came out first. Sony and Nintendo was chasing their tales so its not like they were announcing they would be giving it away for free. MS had good games on it and nurtured a great online service, so people bought it thinking paying for it would be the norm. They established their profiles and content and got use to the service. Sony came out with a barebones cheap weak online system.

Was people suppose to throw away their Porsches because Hyundai is giving away Accents. It took Sony 4-5 years to get an even decent online experience. By then the lines were drawn. It would be too expesive and not really worth the trouble of switching just so you didnt have to pay $5 a month.
eferreira  +   780d ago
but every other platform isn't charging and you basically get the same experience minus party chat.

If you don't have gold and you buy a game like cod. You only have access to half the game which isn't fair.

Sony online wasn't even that bad with the ps2. It got the job done. Look at socom for example.
thechosenone  +   781d ago
I totally agree with the author, THIS IS A BIG MIDDLE FINDER TO ALL XBOX USERS....unreal man, unreal.
#18 (Edited 781d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
syphon32   781d ago | Offensive
Freeball  +   781d ago
Gimme a break. This has nothing to do with Xbox users now, just in the future. Are you forced to be online all the time with your 360? No. So play the console you have now and stop whining. If you don't like what MS does for the next gen, then don't buy it. Speak with your cash. There are other options to be had.

I never bought Diablo 3, Sim City, or any other game with always on DRM, and I won't buy a console that does the same thing.
#19 (Edited 781d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
thechosenone  +   781d ago
no you're absolutely right, let your wallet do the talking for you. vote with your wallets people don't support restrictive DRM buy a PS4 instead. I totally agree.
fadeawayjae  +   781d ago
There goes all the people who want to play an Xbox in their car.
#20 (Edited 781d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
CYBERHATER  +   781d ago
If it's true, I will give the middle finger right back at them!
MultiConsoleGamer  +   781d ago
Fear mongering, shit flinging and childish insults. And the author doesn't even know if this rumor is true. For shame.
iistuii  +   781d ago
I don't know anybody that doesn't have internet access in their homes, especially people who game, because gaming online with friends is what they do. The first thing I do when I turn on my consoles or pc is check who's online to join, if the new Xbox is always online then its no different than how I use the one ive got now, perfect. If my internet happens to go down, which it hasn't for the last 5 years, so be it, ill do something else until it comes back on. If your not on the internet, then you also wont get hardly any benefits from the ps4 either, no firmware no ps+, no online gaming, so I really cant see the problem.
thehitman  +   781d ago
Depending on where you live not all people have online or good online where its stable for gaming. Not even everybody plays online even though online gaming is the thing today believe it or not people play lots of singleplayer games like assassin creed, uncharted, tombraider, demonsouls, ff or any of those action or rpg games that dont require online to play not just online shooters. Making online a requirement to play alienates those group of gamers off the bat so either they will be forced to pay more for better connections if they have shyty ones or go to the other platform (ps4).

Also there is the issue when the service is down on their end your gaming goes down as well, which im sure you wont like. Bi-Monthly maintenance or server crashes will annoy you to death.
#23.1 (Edited 781d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Geovanny  +   781d ago
Everybody hates dangerousjo right now
HG_69   781d ago | Spam
TriangleOffense  +   781d ago
meh my 360 collects dust anyway so a next gen one wasnt even a thought
CarleyYoung   781d ago | Spam
saint_seya  +   781d ago
I still cant believe people that keep focusing on rumors, untill MS dont confirm anything.. PLEASE STOP THESE RUMORS.

If is true u guys will have to rage/make jks about it, for now, lets concentrate in thinks that we know are true.
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level 360  +   781d ago
Whenever I switch my XBox360 or PS3 it's been a natural habit of mine to plug-in the internet connection at the back just in case of updates, notifications of medal points during game play and such.. news, free demos, previews when I go to the Home menu option.

So basically I think what Microsoft's thinking is that it's just a narural progression of all and any gamer to always be plugged-in on the 'net while they are playing a/any game.

I do disagree of course on Microsoft's ruling ( if these rumors would be true ) as it's just too controlling/manipulative of them.
GraveLord  +   781d ago
This is DRM, no other way to describe it. If you are defending this, you are a fanboy.

Always-On is a great idea as long as its an option, not a requirement. Can you imagine if your computer or phone didn't work unless you had internet? It's ridiculous.
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