Editorial: Welcome to World War 2.1

In this week’s Split Screen, Sean Knight and Richard Hayden look at World War 2 video games and wonder what the next wave of titles has in store

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Cusmar3501657d ago

It'll certainly be interesting seeing where WW2 games will go next!

Sharodan1657d ago

Admittedly it's a sub-genre that doesn't really draw my attention. The last one I only bought because I wanted to play multiplayer with some friends.

SeanDKnight1657d ago

You missed out on some good WWII games then!

acidbrn1657d ago

I think there is still a wealth of possibilities within the WW2 genre. Granted they did get a little carried away there for a time, but they have since gone on to do the same thing with shooters set in the future. Maybe it's time they take a step back?

SeanDKnight1657d ago

The problem is that developers fall into a set path where there is no innovation and everyone is making the same kind of game. It happened for WW2 games and it is happening again with modern-themed games. Time to break the cycle!

nhales801657d ago

There was a while when it seemed like every game was a WWII game. Seems like everyone has switched to a more recent time frame. It will be interesting to see if someone can pick it up and deliver a unique experience.