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Why Are People Reviewing The Ouya, Much Less Giving It Poor Scores?

FleshEatingZipper writes: I was blown away this morning at the notion that The Verge went through all the hassle of creating a video review for the Ouya, that Android-powered console we’ve been talking about, then gave it a mind-blowingly low 3.5, perhaps the lowest score I’ve ever seen them give a product. So why are tech sites like The Verge treating this obviously pre-release hardware and software as final product and rating it for potential customers? (Android, Ouya)

aceitman  +   966d ago
I don't get why this guy is saying for them to wait for the final product , doesn't he understand that is the final product. they gave out the console to people who donated to there project. and if anyone has any reviews can u link them to me I like to read them.
SilentNegotiator  +   966d ago
They're already calling the next iteration the "OUYA2" for 2014, so Verge can always review that when it releases.

As for what's out there now, it's what the people who made its creation possible are getting...it had better be finished!
die_fiend  +   966d ago
Because it's an awful product and they want people to know about. Would u rather I pay 99 on this? Never gonna happen
Oh_Yeah  +   966d ago
Something that runs XBMC for under a 100$ isn't a bad deal at all...can't fault you for hating, people just arnt well informed of what a kick ass media hub and retro gaming machine this thing is...it can be a substitute for cable/netflix, any movie or tv show you want it's on xbmc for free... And plenty of emulators from N64 PSP SNES PS1 and so on. For 99$ I'd say it's pretty damn good.
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Neonridr  +   966d ago
There are some things I disagree with when it comes to the review. First off, sure, backers of Ouya will get their units soon, but the thing doesn't retail until June 4th. So in my estimation, they have until then to tweak the heck out of the software and get it up and running for then. Anybody who gets anything early before the general public always has to deal with things not working properly. Take the Wii U. Journalists got their systems several days before the release, however they couldn't use any of the online components because they weren't even active yet at the time.

As for the whole A, B, X, Y thing only Microsoft used that configuration, yet this reviewer acts like they invented it. Nintendo always had the B button to the left and the A button to the right. Take the SNES controller, A was on the far right, same with the Wii U Pro controller and same with the Ouya.

Anyways, there are some awesome Android games that I have on my Galaxy S3, but would kill for a controller to play them with. This is a solution where I can play with a controller and play on my big screen TV, bonus.

Not saying I will get one, but I will keep my eyes on it for sure.
Amazingmrbrock  +   966d ago
What you say is completely reasonable and accurate to this situation. Most people on this site seem to dislike the idea of the ouya for some reason and dislike it without justifiable reason.
Donnieboi  +   966d ago
Anything put out into the public sphere is open to judgement. It's called freedom of expression.
360ICE  +   966d ago
Well, yeah...
Not sure if the article, the review or any of the comments disagree with that, though. I mean, it's not like they said "No freedom of speech, please". You can still say stupid things and make dumb decisions even if you have the right to say and do those things, and that again is open to criticism.
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GREW50ME  +   966d ago
OUYA ia getting low scores because it exists, and it sucks. If this surprises you, you must be extremely gullible.
PopRocks359  +   966d ago
If a product is released in a manner that seems unfinished then it's certainly open to criticism. The Wii U's OS and launch games are another example of this.
finite  +   966d ago
cause MY HTC One Mobile phone is better and its mobile like the android platform was designed for. Plus there are reviewing the finished product that has been dispatched to Kickstarters that put money on it.

So if the finished version sent to kickstarters is not perfect and has issues the the systems deserves a harsh score.
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BrianC6234  +   966d ago
What's the purpose of this thing? Can't see a reason to buy it. It's not a real console. Those games aren't really console games.
Whymii  +   966d ago
Because they're getting bored with sinking their boots into Nintendo and the wii u.
joel_c17  +   966d ago
Does it play roms? if not it seems like a massive waste of time and money.
Adolph Fitler  +   966d ago
So out of all those millions they earned for this kickstarter project, most of the money went into there personal bank accounts, another massive chunk was spent on booze, strippers, hookers & whatever other vices they have, then a couple of million was left to design, produce & market a mobile phone that plugs into your tv, has a controller, & isn't actually a phone.....
Well, if truth be told, when the general public gets hold of these things, & pulls one apart....they may find one of our old thrown away phones inside the box, powering this thing....hey, they all can't go to landfill, we don't have that much land.
The 1st guy that opens it will do so, because he'll here the theme song to Beverly Hills Cop coming from his Ouya, or Justin Bieber's Baby.....well, if I heard that one, I would crush the thing with my foot.
ziggurcat  +   966d ago
" So why are tech sites like The Verge treating this obviously pre-release hardware and software as final product and rating it for potential customers?"

because it's a piece of garbage that isn't any more powerful than a mid-range cellphone, and won't be worth a damn once idiots start doing malicious things with the device that'll just end up being is an expensive NES emulator?
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stage88  +   966d ago
Can't wait to get mine!

1. Emulators

All for 99? Yes, please!
Baka-akaB  +   966d ago
You can have that and more with a 99-150 $ pc , but more power to you
Jockamo  +   966d ago
uh or just get a raspberry pi. unlike ouya, it's REALLY open source (linux) and can play xbmc and emulators all for 25 bux (plus cables)
BDG  +   966d ago
Sorry I just dont see the point in this, there are plenty of options to hook up the android phone u already have and love to a big screen tv, most are gonna be alot cheaper than ouya. You can use some Bluetooth controllers also (ps3 controllers will connect to some Sony phones)
Unless this system sells well nothing much will be optimised for it (as was the case with the play phone Sony released a few years ago. This means most games will still require touch control which ouya doesn't support!
LAWSON72  +   965d ago
It is in beta and beta products should not be reviewed. No matter how stupid and pointless it is, no product should be reviewed in beta and writers should only give a impression without a score because people who want it may be turned off by the score and would not even read the review to see the issues.
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