Sarcastic Gamer Exclusive Hands-On: Section 8 from Time Gate Studios

The EIEIO Conference in Austin last week showcased a ton of games from Gamecock, but one game in particular stood out from the rest: Section 8.

From the preview: "Section 8 will attempt to refine the shooter genre by changing how teams spawn on a map. The game will let you spawn into any location on your side of the map. That isn't the "cool" part though. The part that will change up gameplay is the fact that you won't "spawn" you'll be crashing down onto the map from 15,000 feet and you'll witness the entire process. Not only do you witness it, but if you are spawning and realize that you are about to spawn next to an enemy, you'll be able to "drive" your character while in mid-flight to a different area to avoid instant death."

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