Star Wars: Force Unleashed officially moved to September


"Activision just got back to us on a rumoured slip for Star Wars: Force Unleashed, saying the date had been moved some time ago.

"It actually moved to September a few months back," a spokesperson told videogaming247."

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butterfinger3537d ago

there goes another game from Spring to Fall...

Lord Vader3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )


I'm chokin' folks 4 the rest of the day 4 this one !

MK_Red3537d ago

I'm with you my lord. It's sad news indeed but this will probably result in a better game in the end. Still... it's too hard to wait for this game.

Exhaust3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )


skynidas3537d ago

well at least it wasnt moved to next year

xaphanze3537d ago

I didnt even know when it was coming out.

mintaro3537d ago

if it werent for GTA4, 2008 might be just like 2007 on account of most of the games coming into the fall-holiday region.
of course im probably missing a few uber titles coming before fall

kingOVsticks3537d ago

also have to thank SSBB,haze,tekken 6,GT5 p, and MGS4 for not falling into the fall either so yes this year won't be as bad as lst yr oh that summer sucked couldn't even come home from football practice with a good game 360 committed suicide so no bioshock

Yi-Long3537d ago

... there was some gameplay released recently and all the villains were attack the hero from close range, but not hitting him, so it seemed buggy as hell, or just crap. Hope that will be fixed for the final release.

I rather see a promising game postponed so they can make it as good as possible, instead of rushing it out and not being as good as it should have been.

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The story is too old to be commented.