Battlefield 4 has Done Exactly What it needs to Directly Compete with COD

The fight between which military first person shooter is the best has been something that is a popular discussion among gamers for the past few years. Battlefield and Call of Duty are by far the most popular names in this war (pun intended). Over the years Call of Duty has made itself a superpower in the industry and with Battlefield 3 gamers were shown that there was a new name in the FPS genera that was attempting to take the thrown. Since Battlefield 3, gamers take sides on which game is better; it gets to be a pretty heated discussion. One thing that is clear is Call of Duty has been the one and only front runner for years and has remained in that position to this date. 2013 marks the first year that it is possible that a change in the king of military first person shooters may arise.

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TheSuperior 1878d ago

I'm going to laugh at how many people are going to say the single-player in a military FPS doesnt matter. It does and Battlefield 3's sucked. Multiplayer= great singleplayer= sucked. I enjoy COD's single player and multiplayer.

Snookies121878d ago

I hated CoD's multi-player personally. All it was, was running through corridors shooting shotguns at people. At least with Battlefield there were vehicles, open maps, and destructible buildings making every match unique. On the other hand, Battlefield's single-player sucked so much, whereas CoD (at least MW's) single-player was where that game did well. They're kinda polar opposites in my eyes in that regard lol.

PopRocks3591878d ago

I'm with you on that. I'm not a hue fan of CoD's multiplayer. Sadly though that's what carries the experience for much of the community. The multiplayer seems to be the driving force (Kotick once even suggested it become a paid subscription).

I'm more of a fan of the campaigns. I like the stories presented in them in the same way someone may enjoy a Michael Bay film. It's popcorn entertainment and makes for a very solid rental IMO.

B-radical1878d ago

I didnt like bf3 single player either but Cod's single player is getting worse imo. Theres not enough freedom in the cod campaigns

OpieWinston1878d ago

People still play CoD?
Black Ops 2 Campaign and Multiplayer were both god awful.
Black Ops 1 atleast had a good Campaign.
And I think you're the definition of a CoD Fanboy if you think Dice doesn't deliver an excellent experience in both Campaign and Multiplayer...

The only problem with Dice is that EA is a terrible Publisher, maybe even worse than Activision.

BF4 > CoD....Plain and simple.

Coltrane_C1878d ago

I Love BF3 but if your think that Single Player mode was good then you are delusional.

EmperorDalek1878d ago

Black Ops 2's campaign was pretty good... easily 100 times better than BF3's.

MYSTERIO3601878d ago

If their able to do 1080p at 60fps for multiplayer with split screen support and a split screen for SP with a couple of bonus modes they will surpass COD for sure. COD poor hit detection and recycled gameplay experience quick wear off after a while.

SideShort1878d ago

Heh, not to mention CoD seems to have ditched logic completely. I know you can't revive an engineer torn in half by a tank shell, but 5 men fighting 3000 gorilla fighters off a truck.. herm.

HammadTheBeast1878d ago

CoD has no single player. It's a bravo story probably by Micheal Bay, all it has going for it are flashy set pieces.

dirthurts1878d ago

I enjoyed the Battlefield 3 single player. I actually just replayed it myself.
I wish things were a little less scripted, but it's still no where near as bad as other titles lately.

GamerElite1878d ago

your mom sucks more than COD

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LOGICWINS1878d ago

"It’s not about single-player, it’s not about multiplayer but it is about a well rounded game and that seems to be what we are seeing from Battlefield 4 as of now.

LOL, people say this every year. Battlefield has been offering a more well rounded experience than COD since its inception, but that hasn't stopped COD from outselling it every year.

Next year its going to be the SAME story all over again. Instead of pitting BF and COD against each other, why not simply hope that both games do well enough to warrant more sequels?

Ducky1878d ago

"Battlefield has been offering a more well rounded experience than COD since its inception"

That's quite a feat, considering that BF games didn't always have a proper single-player component.

LOGICWINS1878d ago

It's an incredible feat considering BF has embraced every aspect of war(air/ground combat etc.)

FragMnTagM1878d ago


Don't forget about naval combat (hopefully). The trailer is debatable, but the prop looks like a submarine prop to me.

glennco1877d ago

He isn't referring to the SP, but to the multiplayer experience.

HammadTheBeast1878d ago

It's not about taking out CoD in one year with BF3, or 4, it's about slowly taking over a higher percentage of the market. They made a huge dent last year, bigger than any other game would've in the same genre. And this year, I think it'll be even bigger.

Neonridr1878d ago

"Battlefield 4 has Done Exactly What it needs to Directly Compete with COD"...

by becoming an annual franchise that rehases the same things over and over..

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - the new motto of game developers


Thats funny Battlefield didn't release last year...

MooseWI1878d ago

I don't think anyone realizes that Battlefield 3 came out in 2011.

Neonridr1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

very late 2011, but yes, you are correct...

and it was a joke nonetheless.. it was more a slap against CoD.

MariaHelFutura1878d ago

It will be exactly 2 years when BF4 releases.

TheGrimBunny1878d ago

can't wait for this!!!!!!!

-MD-1878d ago

Copy/paste itself and slap a new number on the box? Sounds about right.

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