New Miiverse update has gone live

Another Miiverse update has snuck out into the wild.

Albeit a small update, Miiverse has seen some slight new additions today.

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7uff11598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

Looks like they're preparing it for the Miiverse's arrival on 3DS! Good comments display improvement, still waiting for increase of characters' limit, though.

PopRocks3591598d ago

Ugh, hopefully. I've been wondering when that would happen.

Nevers0ft1598d ago

Yep. Increase the character limit and maybe introduce a means of creating private groups with something akin to an invite and appointment system - so you can use Miiverse to meet players of games you like and arrange to drop into multiplayer etc together. Basically, make Miiverse the friends, multiplayer, social and chat hub instead of the weird mish-mash we have at the moment.

7uff11598d ago

Yes!! The ability to create private groups, filter the games you want to be able to be posted in the group and the censorship in it, be able to post on your profile instead of only in communities, tag friends in posts, and a Wii U/3DS general community. That would be just perfect.

mcstorm1598d ago

Sounds good to me every extra feature makes things better.