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Is The Final Fantasy X and X-2 Remake A Good Idea?

GamerFitNation: Square Enix has officially announced that they will be releasing a remake of Final Fantasy X/X-2 for the PlayStation 3 and the Vita. This title is set to be released in America sometime soon. This remake will be remastered in full HD and by the looks of the latest screenshots, it looks absolutely beautiful. (Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster: Collector’s Edition, PS Vita, PS3)

Hellsvacancy  +   699d ago
Yeah, im really looking forward to playing FFX, again, looking sharper etc

Other than Ni No Kuni I havnt really played a BIG jrpg of the same kind this gen, It is pretty silly paying to play older games but what the hell, its a genuinely good game
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3-4-5  +   698d ago
All it's going to do is have fans put more pressure on SE to make an actual good FF game again.

FFXV has to be epic.
dedicatedtogamers  +   699d ago
Recently, ATLUS began re-releasing their older titles so that modern gamers can experience them. Last gen, Square Enix made bank by remaking/porting a lot of their older titles like Dragon Quest, various Final Fantasy games, Chrono Trigger, etc. This strategy works. A lot of these games are timeless (but in need of a minor facelift) and they're great to replay on new technology with a few added features.
sithsylar  +   698d ago
It is a good idea because lets face it square enix has been going down hill for awhile now...
3-4-5  +   698d ago
Dragon Quest is doing ok though. Except for their odd decision to make DQ10 an MMO.
Agent_hitman  +   698d ago
IT's not a remake but a Remastered version
sithsylar  +   698d ago
Thankfully because i don't trust them not to stuff it up with a remake.
sherimae2413  +   698d ago
you know what is a good idea,
remake type-0 for ps3/vita and localize for real ^_^
KwietStorm  +   698d ago
Well I'm getting it, so...
Dasteru  +   698d ago
Not really remakes so much as port & polish but regardless i'd personally rather see IX & XII.

XII they will probably do eventually, IX i'm not getting my hopes up.

Squenix is so bad these days they would probably find a way to botch even a simple HD remaster of IX.
cloud495  +   698d ago
I don't see why not in a business perspective. I'm pretty sure this game will sell very well and it's probably cheaper to make than original FF games like FF13.

I've never played the original or the sequel and I plan on trying it out.
knifefight  +   698d ago

Why would they remake it so soon after the HD remaster?

...Or is Gamerfitnation just not aware of the difference between the two?
SanMarco  +   698d ago
Xii woulda been better
TongkatAli  +   698d ago
I'm buying X and X-2 to see that happen.
r21  +   698d ago
Better than getting nothing from SE. Maybe, they're using FF10 remastered to test the vita market. Hopefully, if it succeeds, SE might just start to support the vita like when they did with the PSP. Besides that, there are some gamers who never got the chance to play the game, me included.
Farsendor1  +   698d ago
remastered is a great ideal.
GeckoPutt  +   698d ago
I read the whole article (eventually), but I knew the answer was "Yes, it is a good idea" before I even looked at the first word of this article.

Regardless of whether this game has been released before, it is incredibly exciting to be able to play the game again, but this time to be able to become even more immersed in the world of Spira with beautiful HD graphics, richer sound and remade textures.

This generation has been absolutely diabolical for good JRPG's (Ni No Kuni excluded), so regardless of whether it is a HD Remaster or a new IP completely, this is still going to be hands down the best game on the Vita and arguably one of the best JRPGs on the PS3 regardless of its age...
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SugarSoSweet  +   698d ago
SquareEnix sucks....
GeckoPutt  +   698d ago
Perhaps instead of simply claiming such a bold statement you'd like to explain why you have come to this opinion.

I personally think that they are one of the most creative and awe-inspiring game developer companies around, it's their Public Relations that completely suck. Their fans seem to be inconsequential to their decisions, and that sucks, they are notorious for releasing information about something and leaving it for years before even mentioning a smidgeon of information (FFvXIII and FFX HD anyone?), however the products that come out of the company are no less than stellar; granted some are more highly looked upon than others, but you can be assured that if it has Square(soft)Enix's name on it, it's going to be quality work.

Square Enix are a fantastic company with brilliant and creative minds working for them, their fan service is a little twisted however. Unless you can explain your reasons for your opinions, no one wants to hear them. :)
Minato-Namikaze  +   698d ago
This is the 1st gen where i have ZERO (0) Square products, so thats saying something. Their quality level has dropped so much that people are actually HAPPY that X-2 is getting included in the FFX remaster. FFX will be my 1st Square title since.......FF12. Only person that puts out any good games is nomura. I feel bad because Squaresoft was my all time favorite dev.
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SugarSoSweet  +   697d ago
I think their TRASH and FF13 is proof of that they use to be good but that was a long time ago
Savader  +   698d ago
Jeez... Why are there so many idiots who can't tell the difference between "remaster" and "remake"...? Square Enix isn't reMAKING FFX and FFX-2, they're reMASTERING them, you dipshits! (I don't mean the people on here, btw)Getting tired of seeing people post comments all over the internet, saying stuff like, "ermergerd, y duh hell wud square remak ff10 and not ff7????? so dum my gawd", meanwhile, I'm like -_-

SERIOUSLY. But THAT'S not all! It's idiocy on both sides of each meaning! I came across a comment on Facebook that read, "I really hope they remaster FFVII instead. Fuck X, I hated it."

Now, I don't care whether you hate it or not. That's perfectly up to the individual's personal taste, which is fine. But for the love of GOD, get it RIGHT! Please! When was the last time ANYONE has seen a "remastered" PS1 classic...? Like really-- WHEN? Hmmm... Never? Wow, maybe that's because THERE AREN'T ANY.

And, honestly now, this is just my own ignorance here, because I simply don't know, but how the hell would one ACTUALLY go about remastering a PS1 game...? And if they did, what would be the point? There's barely any point to remastering PS2 games as is, but a PS1 game? No thanks. Better to just REMAKE IT.

Bottom line, here's a little lesson for the idiots; a "remaster" is not a "remake". Remastering something is, in short, taking an old game, and refining it in order to fit a more modern sense of style (in terms of Trophies/Achievements, and better resolution). Remaking something, is taking the idea and structure of an old game, and starting its production from scratch, also in order to fit a more modern sense of style, but also to update mechanics and limitations that were once obsolete in the original version.

Understand? -_-
GeckoPutt  +   698d ago
Here have all of my likes!

Although I agree with your points completely, there are few inconsistencies with some of your comments. There are a few games that have remastered versions of PS1 Classics, such as the the Tomb Raider Trilogy and the Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee Remaster.

I do understand your point about the annoyance of getting 'remakes' and 'remasters' mixed up, and your point still goes unchalleneged and concrete. I just thought that I'd pick up on your point. :)
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Savader  +   694d ago
Ah, thank you. That's what I meant by my ignorance on whether or not there were any PS1 remasters. I was unsure, so I added that bit in parentheses. Thanks for clearing that up for me, dude! ;)

I don't know why I didn't think of it at the time, but I guess that they can easily remaster a PS1 classic by fancying it up, and adding it onto the PS Store as a PSN game. Which is what the Oddworld one is, right? A PS1 classic turned into a PSN game?
imXify  +   698d ago
People will dislike me, I never played a FF game before. RPGs are not really my thing. But I dunno, I might buy this and try.
Magnus  +   698d ago
Im getting this game my PS3 wants a great Final Fantasy title and its getting one. Shame its takes this long through the consoles life to actually get a great Final Fantasy game.
danthebios  +   698d ago
What i would like to see is a FFx-3 movie or game.Plot is what happens after the two got together,maybe married,got kids bla bla,word spread out,soon reaches to cloud(ff7),cloud decides to meet up with tidus to find out if aeris waas like him,and if he can bring back aeris too....i know most of ya will say WTF but hey just a thought.
belac09  +   698d ago

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