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The Gaming Vault writes:

"Yesterday wasn’t exactly a good day for gaming industry. You see, Disney, now some $4 billion lighter in the pocket after their buyout of Lucasfilm and LucasArts decided to cease all internal development activities at the latter; effectively rendering the studio creatively impotent and leaving roughly 150 now former employees twisting in the wind as a result.

In a fashion similar to Two-Face’s demise at the end of The Dark Knight, I feel its best that we gently turn the face of the LucasArts cadaver; it being arguably more important and relevant to remember LucasArts for the tremendous legacy that they left us from their superlative foray into PC gaming from the early to late nineties, rather than their slow and painful slip into numbing mediocrity and beyond which followed in later years as their Star Wars tie-in obsession strayed horrendously into over saturation and qualitative depreciation."

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joecamnet1874d ago

Shame Disney felt the need to shutter such a legendary studio...
The industry is a-changing.

aliengmr1874d ago

LucasArts died a long time ago.

adorie1874d ago

The early starwars games for the SNES were fun. I liked those games!

borisfett1874d ago

I don't normally get sad about business decisions in the industry, but... daaaaaamn. =(

aliengmr1874d ago

More talented and better companies have been lost for a lot less.

LucasArts did this to themselves. They had the Star Ware franchise. Yet they managed to make more crap SW games than good one. Then, what good games there were they ignored.

Not like Battlefront 3 was a risk. In the long list of game ideas, that's like #1.

Godmars2901874d ago

And that's the problem: Lucasarts weren't making games anything like that. Hadn't been for years.

Bitsnark1874d ago

Indeed. Long before they were shut down, LucasArts were a shadow of their former selves.

alecman1874d ago

monkey island! one of my favorites :D

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