PSW previews This is Vegas

It's absolutely inevitable that Midway and Surreal's This Is Vegas will be compared to the vistas of Rockstar's GTA IV. And why wouldn't it? GTA pioneered the sandbox format and will probably revolutionise it once again come April when the game arrives. Everything that has come since then and dabbles in the mechanics of open-world, sandbox-styled gameplay is likened to GTA.

Unfairly or not. This Is Vegas, however, is the complete opposite to GTA's IV's world. Hugely vibrant, massively detailed and insanely colourful, Vegas is a neon soaked open-worlder with its tongue firmly planted in its cheek, a handful of change in its back pocket and a bottle of beer in the other ready for a night out on the lash in the world's greatest party capital.

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Bleucrunch3661d ago

Midway has my respect and I love open world games so I will be getting this on launch day. Midway doesnt try to trick us or lie to us so they are ok in my book....just release another mortal kombat soon please.