The Death of the First Person Shooter

Planet Ivy: There’s a famous saying, ‘death comes to all’, and although it was probably not originally intended to be applied to video games, perhaps it’s time it should be. This sudden realisation kicked in after spending an afternoon browsing a collection of games stacked on a store’s shelf. It was apparent to me that nearly all new First Person Shooters or FPS as they’re known to many computer gamers, have all become the same shallow reproductions.

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appleandroid1636d ago

It may be dying, but they'll carry on selling..

therealmccoy1635d ago

Yes, but the people buying them are idiots

ape0071635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

and the one who says to a whole lot of people idiots is... a true idiot

appleandroid1636d ago

...though there are a few good ones still left, admittedly..

therealmccoy1635d ago

The genre isn't dead, but just a mess of unoriginality

KnightRobby1635d ago

There's plenty of variety. Players can jump from playing Bioshock: Infinite to Battlefield 3 to Call of Duty. They have the same premise of being an FPS, but are wildly different games.

I am leaning more towards some gamers just being plain spoiled. I've seen so many articles lately complaining that Bioshock: Infinite is an FPS...its way more than that.Admittedly, we need less CoD clowns and more originality but again, there's some FPS games that are going outside of the mold thankfully. I think next-gen will give devs new tech to create not only new games, but new genres.

venom061635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

they aren't dying at all.. you have ALOT of CoD fanboy review sites, (IGN, KOTAKU, etc), that make sure that that particular franchise is alive and well... perfect example of this... they gave the "copy and pasted" MW3 raving reviews, despite the fact that it was truly copied and pasted and offered very little from MW2, but when a game like BF4 comes along, they instantly start trying to push the thought of "its not different" or "it looks good but"... despite that the fact that it has a new engine, new gameplay details, etc. Unless the next CoD has a NEW ENGINE AND DEDICATED SERVERS, it will be a slap in the face to us consumers, but trust me, IGN will be right there to suck that cow dry with raving reviews when it's released. Making sure, aleast that particular first person shooter, never dies..

xc7x1635d ago

to be dead,they'd have to be dead in sales,devs not making them,nor making a special day showing them off. any of that not happening? yeah right,haha

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The story is too old to be commented.