Joystiq interview: NIS America talks Disgaea 3's PS3 move

Joystiq writes:

"As we mentioned earlier this week, we recently had the opportunity to grill the folks at niche publisher NIS America regarding Disgaea 3, a game that represents not only the third in the company's most popular franchise, but also the first to be released on the PlayStation 3. It's a series we have enjoyed since its debut in 2003, but we wisely decided to keep our enthusiasm for the sequel in check – after all, the point of the visit was to find out exactly why NIS moved the series to the PS3, a decision that has summarily divided the company's existing fan base like a tsunami bomb.

To find out the what, why and how, we turned to company marketing guru Jack Niida for an explanation, and in the following interview he talks localization, the move to a new platform, and even the possibility of moving Disgaea to another console."

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meepmoopmeep3726d ago

good to see some RPG's finally arriving on the PS3. i'm so sick of shooters. Sony needs to get back to their "all genres catered" mindset like the previous PS consoles.

Luca Blight3725d ago

and bubble just for the heck of it