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Nothing better with Kinect, say scientists

A team of scientists at Cambridge University, England, have concluded that absolutely nothing can be improved, bettered or enhanced through the use of Microsoft’s popular motion sensing input device.

Since launching in 2010, numerous Xbox 360 games have claimed to be better with Kinect. However, scientists involved in the 3-year research project have stated that, despite extensive testing, they could find no evidence to suggest that Kinect was capable of benefiting anything. (Culture, Industry, Tech)

Kalowest  +   724d ago
What a total waste of research money!
Ezz2013  +   723d ago
with all the money the wasted on this plus the 500$ million ads
they should have made new ips and more exclusives for xbox360 with all that money

really a waste of time and money
and they still never come close to milo demo
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stuna1  +   724d ago
I guess now we know what $500 million can buy you! The silence of anyone who knew the results of this study before it was even conducted! smdh.

So what does this say for kinect 2? I guess now I'm starting to understand why it will be required.
clintos59  +   723d ago
Well microsoft did show smoke & mirror demos with milo & ever since that its been years now & nothing even close to that demo has been created with kinect.
Rusty515  +   723d ago
Is this a late April Fools joke? I thought everyone knew this.
GreenRanger  +   723d ago
The joke wasn't late,, it was just laggy.
dmN_114  +   723d ago
Kinects success was caused by the causal market and Microsofts advertisement...I think Kinect 2 won't be as successful as MS thinks it will be because ppl who got Kinect for the 360 had their run just as most of the causal WII buyers won't buy a WII U. It's still early to judge but time will tell I guess.
StrongMan  +   723d ago
I don't know how MS can legally get away with putting "Better with Kinect" on game boxes.
Because the general publ,,, because humanity in general can be very stupid. Just read that article, it took a team of freaking scientists this long to figure it out.
kreate  +   723d ago
Maybe they already knew, but wanted to give a fair and extensive research to back their original hypothesis.
NastyLeftHook0  +   723d ago
tentonsoftube approves this comment, bubble.
Godmars290  +   723d ago
Wonder what the results were with Move and the Wiimote. If they even bothered with looking at them. Could have put this whole - worthless - motion control thing to rest.

Don't expect this to change anything w/Kinect 2.0.
Tapioca Cold  +   723d ago
Hear that.... Nothing. Now, can we please move away from motion controls console makers? thanks.
edonus  +   723d ago

When I read stuff like this it actually give me joy that kinect has been such a run away success.

Stuff like this taints the industry.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   723d ago
***Sighs*** You tire me dear.
Hicken  +   723d ago
There's that "I'm covering my ears, now" watchword of yours.

Seriously, how many games are actually BETTER WITH KINECT? Especially in light of something else already on the market that costs substantially less and can do a comparable job?

Forza was better... but how? What did Kinect bring to the table that couldn't have already been done?


Mass Effect?


What taints the industry is your blind loyalty to a device that has, from its launch, been underwhelming in application. The secret to its success lies wholly in Microsoft's ability to market it to the casual crowd; the core aspects they touted have failed to materialize. Kinect doesn't have a Killzone or inFamous: a core game in which the implementation of the device was as good as- if not better than- the traditional method.

I'd ask when you're going to stop being a fanboy of this device that has NO successful core applications, but I know that won't be happening.

Jack of Death  +   723d ago
Forza let you use your hands to drive the car. Mass Effect let you say the commands instead of bringing up the menu so you can focus on shooting if you chose that class. Do you not like being able to control your console without your controller. I just say "Xbox launch HBO GO" and it does it. I really don't understand how nothing can be better. I guess people don't like automation. I guess I will be the only one wanting to see what the Kinect 2 will do. The mods/hacks I have done with Kinect are amazing. It works in the dark and the voice controls work really well. That's just my opinion. Don't get me wrong I do love the controller and don't think it will be replaced. I just think being able to tell your console what you want is also good.
kreate  +   723d ago

Nobody enjoyed using hands for forza except u. Using voice command for mass effect is interesting but nobody cares.

Same goes for ps3's move or the sixaxis or the augmented reality crap.

Its a nice alternative but most core gamers really dont care.

The difference is MS spent half a billion dollars on kinect ad while sony made more core games.

This is coming from a guy who owns both move and kinect.
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MikeMyers  +   723d ago
Dance Central is better with Kinect because it gives a different type of experience that something the Wii or the Move cannot. Do we see dance games on the Wii or PS3 that do the same tasks in the same manner? No we don't. What those systems do is track the controller, not you while replicating your dancing. Also both Forza and Gran Turismo add a greater sense of realism by tracking head movements. So this can add more immersion to the gameplay.

I never understood why people waste so much of their spare time commenting on things that they never seem to ever say anything good about. It's like me going to Justin Bieber's website and saying I don't like his music but I like The Beatles instead and constantly conflicting with his fans in the process. Who does that?
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maniacmayhem  +   723d ago

Almost like your blind loyalty to Sony. How can you sit there and even say those words when you are the biggest Sony slave on this site.

He enjoys Kinect, this makes him a blind loyal follower? Why is it so wrong for him to like the Kinect? How is it hurting you and what you enjoy for the PS3?

I even wonder what does the Move or anything PS3 has to do with him liking Kinect. You claim that Move Killzone and inFamous with Move made the game better but I think it didn't. It was a tacked on after thought that Sony forced their devs to implement. Tell me what core game that is truly only Move is good.


Why don't you stop being a Sony fanboy and let people enjoy what they personally like and stop blaming Kinect's success on an ad campaign you wish Sony would do for their products.
DigitalRaptor  +   723d ago
Even though this is a joke article, it's not far removed from reality, and what's even more of a joke is your loyalty to a device that's core application is not worth the hype, nor the label "better with Kinect" since those augmented experiences have all been done before, and full body control has proven itself inadequate for anything outside casualware.

What is a REAL drain on the industry are those consumers that flip flop to the latest fads that we all know are a waste of everyone's time and attention. Casual consumers are not in this industry for the long haul. The only ones committed to Kinect now are the Xbox loyalists, since casuals have proved their worth time and time again in this industry.

Believe me, I have no problem with a company exploring technology - Sony and Nintendo are both patrons of this - but when false marketing slogans become a company's vision for what gaming is now, and has a state of permanence that is detrimental to the core, that's the problem.
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fOrlOnhOpe57  +   723d ago
Spoof. I really can't see a team of Cambridge research scientists carrying out a 3 year study of KINECT.
And would a 'Dr Bryan Woods' really use such technical and scientific jargon as "how fucking terrible some of these Kinect games are....."?
Neko_Mega  +   723d ago
Some developer needs to make a game and have on it "Better without Kinect" lol.

Don't care how crappy the game is, I would buy it just for that XD

Anyways, really? I knew this and I just took some collage, didn't think you had to be super smart to understand Microsoft is full of it when it comes to Kinect.
SOULJER  +   723d ago
Serious. Stop pulling my leg. Hey that's not my leg. lol. LET GO.
abzdine  +   723d ago
why make a research to prove something obvious?
M2-  +   723d ago
"Dear lawyers..The Daily Pixel is a comedy website featuring spoof and satirical news reports from the world of video games and technology. All of the content is made-up and should not be taken as factual."
Godmars290  +   723d ago
Well, they got me.

And I even read the article first before commenting too.

Was thinking about the first driving game that came out for it. The one a Youtube video proved drove itself. Also the Han Solo song.

Cannot get that out of my head...
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hesido  +   723d ago
"Gardening was just one of the many activities scientists discovered to be better without Kinect."

I think you must have skipped this caption to think that this is serious :)

"far from improving the experience, use of the device immediately reduced our enjoyment of any given title by up to 97.4%."

Even the percentage is a give-away. You don't talk about enjoyment with percentages as there can be no universal scale for enjoyment.
hesido  +   723d ago
I can't understand how people didn't get the jokes. A gaming joke site it is but most of its audience don't get jokes. They won't go far with this, although I'd hope otherwise.
hesido  +   723d ago
Relax, it is a tongue-in-cheek piece. I think the rest of the website is also dedicated to humorous articles like this one.
Adolph Fitler  +   723d ago
And Kinect 2.0 will be just as useless, & better nothing either. The controller experience CANNOT be bettered at this point for console gamers, & especially with all this Hollywood "Minority Report" bs.

MS fanboys will be hitting the disagree button with passionate anger, but fact is, I am right & they are wrong.

Kinect 2.0 is an even bigger waste of money, & resources, than Kinect, because the outcome wasn't really 100% known at that point, but now that MS has the "scientific" proof, (like they needed scientific proof that Kinect was crap??), but now they are doing it all over again, & as the same fanboys that will be angry with me were saying about PS3's "forced" Blu Ray drive, MS are forcing this unnecessary money waste on there machine, instead of adding extra grunt, faster memory or even a Blu Ray drive, that I would much prefer in there new machine.
Sarobi  +   723d ago
How dare they make a joke about Kinect.. Kinect is the best accessory ever. In fact the next xbox should use only the Kinect, who needs controllers anyway?...

....said no one ever
glennco  +   723d ago
We all know this, it is blatant false advertising.
carreirabr  +   723d ago
Next research: WiiU gamepad.
imahustla19  +   723d ago
be interesting to see how the Move does. i liked it with killzone 3 online,running was a lil weird but it gave you great accuracy once you got used to it.
mcstorm  +   723d ago
All depends on how use the console and what games you play. I used the head tracking in forza 4 and though it worked very well as well as the voice commands to. For Forza Horizon I have not used the Kinect side of it as I don't think it works as well as on forza 4 but they are different games.

It also works well with Fifa 13 for SP to change tactics or sub but I wish they could of added it to more than just SP.

Some games I don't think worked that well though like JoyRide. They should of let you sit down with that game.

For me the games I found Kinect for worked well on are Dance central 1 2 &3, Forza 4, Nike+, Steel Battalion, Halo CEA, Fifa 13, Kinect Sports 1 & 2, Kinect Adventures, Fable The Journey, Child Of Eden & Kinectimals.

I do think for the Core gamers they would not miss it if it was not in there games but I think what Microsoft decided to do with Kinect worked out well for them as before Kinect it was know as the core console and to take on Sony and Nintendo they needed to cerate an image like they already have to be a console for everyone and that is what Kinect did. But in doing that they kind of left the core with 3rd party games to keep them going and just gave us more forza, Halo and gears.

For me it will be interesting to see what they do and where they go with Kinect 2. If they can deliver what they showed us at E3 with Project Natal then I think they could be on a winner but we will have to wait and see what they show us at E3 before we know if Kinect 2 will make a difference to core games on the next xbox.
BitbyDeath  +   723d ago
Money well spent

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ps3_pwns  +   723d ago
kinect its crap it makes everything worse even games and it took games away from the x360. your not a gamer if your trying to buy the next xbox. im sorry im trying to understand if some people here still have a brain or they just fanboys who are blind.
mcstorm  +   723d ago
How do you work out that if your trying to buy a next xbox your not a gamer? If anything if you don't own a PS4 Next Xbox and a Wiiu your not a true gamer as all 3 are games consoles and will all have must have games for gamers.

Im not defending Kinect in any way but your logic dose not make sense your just sounding like a blind fanboy.
ArchieBunker   723d ago | Spam
FaSCoRP  +   723d ago
The article is a joke. Is brief as an elevator chat and the only example is about GARDENING with Kinect.
InTheLab  +   723d ago
They sold 12m on smoke, mirrors, and "potential". No way consumers are falling for it again. $150 for 3 Dance Centrals and voice commands...lol
andrewsqual  +   723d ago
Clearly it isn't. Did Microsoft put that purple banner of death on their Halo 4 or Gears of War Judgment box arts but still make other big developers like Bioware put it on their game? Nope and yep.
GABRIEL1030  +   723d ago
Kinect is a scam...Kinect 2.0 for Xbox 720 :(
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CEOSteveBallmer  +   723d ago
Hahaha Way to go Scientists!! :)
josephayal  +   723d ago
Im kinected

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