Why I Uninstalled Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Airborne Gamer writes, "I have had an ongoing love affair with Counter Strike (1.6, Condition Zero, Source, GO) for 10+ years."

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Kyosuke_Sanada1872d ago

What and you haven't wrote an article about it?!!!!

Winter47th1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

Good God, what is this. Are you actually publishing an article stating you've uninstalled CS:GO so you can play other games? How the fuck is this news on News4Gamers?

Who the hell approved this? They deserve to have their privileges taken away this is incompetence and abuse of their authority over filtering.

SJPFTW1872d ago

75% of all news articles on N4G are crap and not news worthy. Not surprised really

SaffronCurse1872d ago

Story quality?

Like this website?

linkkjm1872d ago

"That being said, your are welcome. You are welcome CS:GO community that I will not be seeing you on any servers for the near future owning you, maybe you will have an actual chance these next few months to get positive."

Entitled? This is what makes PC players look like entitled assholes.

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The story is too old to be commented.