Thief Reboot Is “More Nuanced” Than Dishonored, Says Eidos Montreal

The forthcoming reboot of seminal stealth series Thief has been widely likened to recent blockbuster hit Dishonored, with everything from its plague-ridden steampunk setting to the ability to complete the game without killing a single person inviting close comparison.

But Thief’s lead level designer has said that their game will be much “more nuanced” than Dishonored.

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pissed9991716d ago

It will be an action game designed for 14 year olds.

Ezz20131715d ago

so you will enjoy it then :P

TopDudeMan1715d ago

Well, I'd imagine dishonored was somewhat influenced by the original thief games.

Roccetarius1715d ago

That's not hard to imagine, since they helped design Thief.

Chuk51715d ago

I thought dioshonered's stealth system was inconsistent

deep_fried_bum_cake1715d ago

What I disliked was that around 80% of the time you were sneaking around in broad daylight.

I can understand the guards not spotting you if it's night but if they can't see the guy pressed up against a wall during the daytime then they need to get some glasses.

Summons751715d ago

Everything in dishonored was inconsistent, the ai was completely stupid too. Theif>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> >>>>>>dishono red

Trago13371715d ago

A lot of dudes my age or younger like making comparisons to Dishonored, but the Fact is, Dishonored had stealth elements, but the game was better suited for action.

Thief is the other Way around, at least from what I've played. Stealth is like the PRIMARY style of play, and you would do everything you could NOT to get caught.

If anything Dishonored takes influence from Thief.

Roccetarius1715d ago

I always avoided combat as much as possible. It was much more smooth to stealth kill, instead of running in guns blazing.

They attempted to do a middle ground with action and stealth, but ultimately i went pro stealth.

kevnb1715d ago

I just killed everyone is dishonored.