The Unboxing: BioShock Infinite Ultimate Songbird Edition unboxes all sorts of cool things like the new BioShock Infinite Ultimate Songbird Edition from Irrational Games and 2K Games.

creHEARTive1122d ago

Great edition for a great game. I love the statue.

Root1122d ago

Same, it's a great edition

However I don't like how they give you a part for the Board game....I'd rather have something else. Like a replica key for Elizabeth's tower for example

RosweeSon1122d ago

They seemed to have saved the version of Elizabeth's key for the collectors edition of the guide/walkthrough, still it's nearly 4 or 5 times the size of that little board game piece haha.

Root1122d ago


A collectors guide, they should of had the little board piece. If I'm paying a lot of money for this I should at least get the key.

jagiii1122d ago

This game is amazing and this collector's edition should be something that goes up in value.