Microsoft Confirms Windows 7 for 2010 – No Word on Windows 7 M2

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 7 is right on track for release in 2010. Concomitantly with the leaked details associated with Windows 7 Milestone 1 dropped by the Redmond company to select partners in January 2008, a potential timetable for the availability of the successor of Windows Vista was also made public. According to the leaked information on the next iteration of the Windows platform, having just reached M1, the final version of Windows 7 was to be wrapped up the end of 2009.

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TriggerHappy3695d ago

Is not a matter of confirming it, It's a question of whether it will be ready and bug-free 2010.

Bleyd3694d ago

The answer to that question is no it will not actually be "ready" by 2010. It will probably be delayed repeatedly for another 2 or 3 years after 2010.

masterg3694d ago

Whats wrong they MS and their naming Windows.

First it's Windows 3.11 (First real version)
After that it's --> Windows 95 --> Windows 98 --> Windows Millennium --> Windows 2000 --> Windows XP --> Windows Vista --> Windows 7.

It doesn't make any sense. Stick with one way of naming them instead of using 3 different methods in the name calling.

mighty_douche3694d ago

Guess there's absolutely no point in upgrading to Vista now then (not that there ever was), just hold on with XP another 18 months.

This is quite annoying to people like me who believed MS's promises for Vista (d'oh) and forked out several hundred pounds for "Ultimate".

Sorry but enough enough, and Apple is starting to look very attractive!

Bladestar3694d ago

"Apple is starting to look very attractive!"... not for games!
Sorry but I use my computer to [enter here] and games is a major reason.... it's cool to be able to browse the internet... play music and look at pictures... and admire the user interface and the pretty color of the destop... but you see ... windows, OSX, linux are all OS that allow you to run software.... until Apple, OSX, linux, etc do not run all the software I am able to run on windows... than it's not for me.

Until they do that... they will be marketting those system to specific audience.... I got a Mac for my wife which is a graphic designer... who does not play games or run many of the software I need to run that do not work on Mac...

same goes with linux... they just don't work for everyone...

I rather have a crash from time to time... than to have a crash everytime I try to run Crysis, C&C3 and many of the other PC games when I try to run them on linux or Mac.

Note I also have a linux box at home to test websites I write... but it never crossed my mind that linux will replace my windows box... I think of all these OS as complementary... they may run better on linux or mac... but at least I know that windows support the larger library of software... which is what an OS suppost to do.

mighty_douche3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

This is my problem, I'm a PC gamer so Bill and his monopoly have their dirty hands firmly gripped around my nut's.

But I've had enough of being treated like an idiot by a company that should know better, they've become so powerful they can release any old crap and people will use it, not out of choice but out of necessity. It's just wrong.

If moving from MS to Apple mean's i have to leave the PC gaming behind, then so be it, unless people do this it will never change and MS will continue screwing people over.

Using an Apple OS is a real pleasure after Window's and they dont require half the system resource's. nope, like i said, enough is enough.

Witty Comment3694d ago

don't forget right-click.

Yes, i know you can right-click now, but it's still funny, damnit!

Gorgon3694d ago


I have to agree with you. Right now I own an high-end PC and a PS3, both for playing (obviously). I also bought Vista and boy, do I regret that. Its the only thing I have ever bought from MS (all other OSs where, well, "free") and it will be the last. After 20+ years of PC gaming, I'll just be moving to consoles definetly. When this PC gets old, I'll just get a 400 bucks one or maybe an Apple notebook, but as far as paying for a new OS MS can forget about that.

As for the Xbox 720, well, as long as it is reliable, I'll get it to substitute for my PC gaming.

TheWiseguy3694d ago

Apple can play games..its called BOOTCAMP

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Bleyd3694d ago

I completely skipped ME and went from 98se to XP. I was a happy camper with that move. Not so happy with Vista right now but I couldn't skip it this time because I needed to be familiar with it for my work.

Eamon3694d ago

Isn't that a bit too early for the next windows.

Isn't the duration between each version of windows like 5 to 6 years.

Is Vista really that screwed and buggy that they need to bring out a whole new OS?

narked3694d ago

tbh i dunno why they are gonna scrap vista :/ sure its not the greatest in innovation but i stil like it and i wont go back to xp. provided ur pc can withstand it its ok

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