GamesBeat: Thief takes major cues from Dishonored, the game inspired by Thief (preview)

The master is stealing a few lessons from its prized student. It’s been a decade since apathetic rogue Garrett last took something he shouldn’t have in the Thief trilogy of first-person stealth games, but you’ve likely felt his sneaky influence in many top-tier franchises ever since.

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JeffGrubb1877d ago

Good call. Dishonored is one of the more interesting Thief-style games.

Sadie21001877d ago

I'd like to see BioShock (which influenced Dishonored) get into this love triangle.

xYLeinen1877d ago

Gotta say Dishonored bored me pretty quick. Objectively it was a good game, but it was pretty plain and boring.