CVG - Lego Marvel Superheroes preview: Pushing current gen to its limits

CVG - There was a moment during the Lego Marvel Super Heroes demo when we genuinely glanced down at the supplied docs to check if it was running on a PS4. It wasn't - just the humble old Xbox 360.

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The_Infected1635d ago

A lego game pushing consoles to the limits? Now that either means this gen is over or they're full of shit. Either way next gen is around the corner so I'm relieved.

nosferatuzodd1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

I know right I think they're full of it

darthv721635d ago

the lego games are fun.

Thatmattkid1635d ago

Games don't have to look ultra realistic to push a console to it's limits. Personally I think it looks fantastic and the gameplay sounds really promising.

RIP_Weazel1635d ago

Hyperbole is fantastic in objective journalism....
..."and then I saw the grafix and it was like they were from the year 3019!"