Japanese/European/American PlayStation Stores Update

The Japanese, European and North American PlayStation Stores have been updated today, with new DLC, demos and more free stuff available for you to download.

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mighty_douche3752d ago

hmm... seem's everyone got a weak update. No demo's accross the board.

I really hope there's something big coming soon to make up for the last few weeks.

Oh well, CoD4 it is then....

sonarus3752d ago

i think guitar hero and rockband need their own section in the playstation store. Because those are the only regular updates that seem to be falling through

HighDefinition3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

We get enough stuff for free.

Meus Renaissance3752d ago

Ever since the news that the store would be given an overhaul, and Home's ghostly impending Beta release, we've been getting trickles of content. It's not surprising when you consider the previous. No point in filling the servers with content when you'll be doing a major upgrade on it soon.

I imagine when the new store is opened, we'll be seeing tons of content for the weeks following that, the things they held back.

But also, what could they release? The spring calendar is pretty weak on new releases so I imagine they dont have a great deal to release. I dont think Xbox Live has gotten any great content lately either, just picture packs and GH3 content like this. So stop complaining please.

Buy the already released PSN games. Stardust HD and PixelJunk Monsters are so addictive, great games.

btkadams3751d ago

i dunno, theyve been holding back a lot of downloadable games that are already done (wipeout hd) so its not like they dont have anything to release.

UnblessedSoul3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

When will Sony start getting serious about online stuff?

They haven't even released those money cards in all regions yet whats the hold up?

LastDance3752d ago

mues covered your question pretty well i think.

SUP3R3752d ago

I'm actually getting tired of waiting for those PSN Cards.
It's actually holding back their US PS Store sales for those teens and adults that don't have access to a credit/debit card and would like to save up their allowances to purchase DLC or games from the store.

Edge11053752d ago

you do realize that they do have prepay debit cards that you can get and can use on the psn store. its the same damn thing as a sony card. . . why haven't people figured this out instead of b!tching about it

ELite_Ghost3752d ago

cause it's too much work!

SUP3R3751d ago

Compared to walking into your local Best Buy, Walmart or *shudder* Gamestop and just grabbing a Sony Card and paying for it in probably less than 5mins?
Also notice the demographic I used.
Young teens was the centric point of my statement.

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soul3752d ago

finally the Dark Mist expansions :)

zainkis3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

DarkMist.... >.> we dont even get that game in UK/NA >.> well.. at least HOME is around the corner \o/

but i realllllly want that game x.x damn... jap gets all the good stuff :x

Ares843752d ago

I never heard about it.

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The story is too old to be commented.