Report: Mexican games market to hit $1bn

A new Research and Markets report has forecast that the Mexican video games market could be worth as much as $1 billion by 2010.

The review states that the Mexican video game industry is 'exploding' and 'attracting major new marketing investment and luring global game publishers to establish local offices'.

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bootsielon3694d ago

This isn't much compared to the US, but it's still something considering it comes from Mexico. Can't wait to see the birth of a Mexican Gaming Industry and a sort of "GTA: Mexico City".

lawman11083694d ago

THEN GET THE HELL OUT OF MY COUNTRY!!! oh, wait. I will take you over the rag heads Europe is INVADED with.

SKUD3694d ago


ThisPlaceSucksBye3694d ago

We've had everything from Atari to Wii, Mexicans love Halo and CoD online, etc, etc.

I don't know if you were kidding or not, but that was pretty tasteless.

Noodlecup3694d ago

Holy crap! they have world geography lessons in America?! :O

j/k but yes that comment was tasteless, get a brain you fat turd.

3694d ago
Foo Skeptic3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Del odio al amor solo hay un paso!
a mi se me hace que quedaste trahumado de chiquito y quierias ser mexicano, nimodo no se te hizo, tanto nos odias y no te importamos que aqui estas posteando, pobre compita wey

And if you don´t understand me please start studying, you uneducated nazi!

Shadow Man3694d ago

Viva Mexico! Viva! Ajajai Cacatuas!

deeznuts3694d ago

Next thing you know Canada's going to have video games too.

tony3694d ago

videogames makes the planet spin.

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DaddyDC6503694d ago

To bring out the true racists.

SeanScythe3694d ago

Mexico isn't a race, people can hate a country. Like I hate Mexico, but I love tacos.

Shadow Man3694d ago

Than I hate ur country..."Mongolia" por mongolo y mama vergas. LOL

Kami3694d ago

good one.
i bet there are more Mexicans in this site that you girls can think of.

Foo Skeptic3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

la verdad es que aunque si hay mucha pirateria tambien hay mucha gente que compra juegos originales, las tiendas de videojuegos siempre tienen gente y se han sabido mantener, al igual que las tiendas de musica parece que la pirateria realmente no les afecta. La unica manera enq ue terminaria el problema de la pirateria seria reduciendo los costosos impuestos, por ejemplo un Playstation 3 en USA puede costar US$399 y aqui costaria US$599, lo mismo pasa con cualquier juego, consola o accesorio

That´s true, even when here is a lot of piracy is also true that people is now buying original games, videogame stores has always people and are still selling, is the same with music industry, it seems that piracy is not affecting them. The only way to finish the piracy problem is reducing the expensive taxes, for example a playstation 3 that in USA costs US$399 here costs $599, and this applies to any game, console or accesory too

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