Sony's CEO Stinger: PS3 Press Conference this Month

On January 7th this year, Sony's CEO Sir Howard Stringer told a meeting at CES that:

"We will see if we can enter the battle against the software companies. This is probably the year we need to demonstrate that."

CNET's Michael Kanellos further reported Stringer's setting out "one of the first examples of this strategy", and that was "the expansion of the PlayStation Network".

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Massacre3635d ago

This sounds interesting:

'Today it has been reported that Sony Pictures is close to closing a deal to buy Who Wants to be a Millionaire owner, the Dutch-based 2WayTraffic. The deal is valued at £114.3-million."

What could they be planning with this ?

decapitator3635d ago

Knowing Sony, it could be something really big. I hope we get a date for the conference sometime this week or early next week.

sonarus3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

Anyway, my guess is in game xmb, new ps store update, as well as a pinned down release date for home. I wouldn't rule out a price cut either. Maybe we could get to see some new games too. Whatever it is, if it can't wait for sony gamers day it should be pretty big

TriggerHappy3635d ago


It doesn't say or confirm anything for this month. The CEO simply said back in January that, they would be hosting a conference two months from January which technically makes it this month. But nothing has been confirmed yet.

sonarus3635d ago

lol you are very very correct. Could just be the sony gamers day. This should be changed to rumor then

marinelife93635d ago

I would just be happy with Home and LBP. Now Sony wants to give me even more fun filled interactive options.

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pwnsause3635d ago

he possibly going to talk about the video store and important updates to the PS3/PSN

mighty_douche3635d ago

Screw all the PSN stuff, just show me a new KillZone 2 trailer please! Plleeeeaaaassseeee!!!

fenderputty3635d ago

after the bata talk in the other thread huh?

TheExecutive3635d ago

ok so they are just deducing this from comments made in january that there would be a press conference in "2 months"?

I will wait for official confirmation of a Press Conference.

Probably: a new PS store makeover accompanied with DD of movies

maybe: In-game XMB or a Home announcement

moveteam3635d ago

Maybe Gamers Day?

Relaunch of PSN with redesigned worldwide Playstation Store, Movie Store, maybe Music Store and Home.

It would be pretty cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.