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Submitted by CustardTrout 1037d ago | news

Fox and Microsoft finally agree on Killer Instinct

Killer instinct is finally heading our way it seems. (Dev, Killer Instinct, Xbox 360)

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majiebeast  +   1037d ago
Okay how did Fox have anything to do with Killer instinct does anyone know?
CustardTrout  +   1037d ago
"Can’t think of anything owned by FOX called Killer Instinct? The only thing anyone seems to be able to think of is a crime drama from 2005"
MariaHelFutura  +   1037d ago
Is this a TV show?!?
JoySticksFTW  +   1037d ago
All I know is, this better not be some April Fools joke

Been waiting for a new KI
SilentNegotiator  +   1037d ago
...maybe they owned the trademark for a lot longer, before using it for the show? IDK, weird situation.
KONAAs  +   1037d ago
fox has the right to the name "Killer Instinct" even tough evry one thinks of the game fox has the rights to it because of some BS when the company that had killer instinct closed,. its a long story but u can google it
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1036d ago
So they get rid of the talent making kid games then now they want to make killer instinct?

Just the guy they need.
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ALLWRONG  +   1036d ago
Helps more if you click the "Read full story" link.
CRAIG667  +   1036d ago
Obviously you didn't bother to read the article...
NastyLeftHook0  +   1037d ago
if they make a new killer instinct game, i will one day concider buying a 720(used) like i will one day buy a wii u if they make a zelda game for it (great one) BUT I HOPE RARE GOES MULTIPLAT SO I CAN JUST BUY IT ON PS4.
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Daver  +   1037d ago
Killer Instinct is the only game that could have made me consider buying a xbox. I loved that game!
Swiggins  +   1037d ago
Rare is owned wholly by Microsoft now a days, so the likelyhood of multiplat is slim to none...

Weirder things have happened I suppose...
loulou  +   1037d ago
and one day, you will grow some hair on certain parts of your body, become mature in the head, and realise just how sad you were when you was a pathetic fanboy tentons
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF   1037d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1037d ago
Or you can quit being biased and just consider getting a 720 if the console turns out ok?

Rares not going multiplat, it can happen, but whats the likelihood of it happening?

I never seen such a crowd of people who are so bitter about the other console, its crazy.

Especially about a console nobody knows anything about? Its ridiculous...
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DivineAssault  +   1037d ago
good news.. I hope people actually care & get it.. This was a great series that rivaled MK back in the day.. It would sell much more if it were multiplat tho
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Daver  +   1037d ago
I would love to see netherrealm make a new Killer Instinct, Microsoft should sell them the IP instead of doing nothing with it.
DivineAssault  +   1037d ago
Its rares IP not microsofts.. I highly doubt that will happen.. MS needs as many exclusives as they can get.. They wont let rare do something like that.. Only way is if rare leaves them
ArchieBunker   1037d ago | Spam
JSGDarko  +   1037d ago
Lets hope if it is in development it's not some kinect only bs.
darthv72  +   1037d ago
it would be interesting
if it was a kinect game where you had to keep doing the moves to perform the mega, super, ultra combos.

It would be one hell of a workout. Prob better interactive experience than zumba fitness or dance central.
MariaHelFutura  +   1037d ago
darthv72  +   1037d ago
I didnt say it would be good or bad. Just...interesting.
MariaHelFutura  +   1037d ago
Lol. I can agree w/ that.
born2live  +   1036d ago
sorry bro, you've lost my interest at "kinect".
whoyouwit04  +   1037d ago
why would they even consider making this for kinect this another core title for Xbox, but you Sony fan boys just can't go with trying to but down positive Xbox news. the next xbox will have tons of core titles deal with it.
BitbyDeath  +   1037d ago
Kinda hoping that if MS are pushing Kinect then they could make it optional for all their games and then you could get the best of both worlds.
SlapHappyJesus  +   1037d ago
Time to see if all the people clamoring over this for years actually back up all this supposed hype.
I understand that it's very much a nostalgia driven series at this point and won't shift unit after unit, no matter what form it comes in, but it does seem to have the majority of gamers on the internet behind it, so it sell decently.
For me, personally, while I had a blast with the game on the N64, I am really not all that interested.
Still, anything aimed at the core audience that Microsoft is actually willing to release, well, that's all right with me.
Why o why  +   1037d ago
If its good, people will buy it. I never knew why ms were sitting on this ip for so long and if this fox issue was the case why not deal with it sooner either way this is good news. Time to dust off crimson skies and a couple of the other dormant ips. Its what the gamers want
SlapHappyJesus  +   1037d ago
Would love to see another Crimson Skies.
whoyouwit04  +   1037d ago
dust off crimson skies, conker, kameo, Banjoo and Perfect dark, and that's five more ips right there. I really hope Microsoft rebuilds there ips with old favourites and brand new ips, hell they have 21 studios time to put them to use.
SignifiedSix91  +   1037d ago
I want another Blood Wake. Was a pretty sweet action packed boat game.

Anyone remember it?
kreate  +   1037d ago
I still have the super Nintendo version of killer instinct collecting 15-20 years worth of dust in my closet.
Z501  +   1037d ago
Has anyone actually played KI in recent years? It sucks, hard. It's only nostalgia at this point. But, if they change it to fit today's standards. It isn't KI anymore. Is it? Only in name.
Daver  +   1037d ago
I played the 64 version lately its still as good even if the snes was the best, sure gaming has evolved, they can make the game to fit today's standards look at the new MK game, it was very good and kept the soul of the old ones.

The characters and the fast combat system is what made this game so unforgettable
WickedLester  +   1037d ago
I thought it sucked back then.
Drakesfortune  +   1037d ago
Killer instinct was the shit back in the day...but like all classics they wont be as good in present times..

this is my opinion but look at the likes of tekken, sonic, mortal kombat, prince of persia etc
black911  +   1037d ago
DrakesFortune Exactlly!!!!
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Drakesfortune  +   1037d ago
And what has me liking uncharted got to with the fact that statement has element of truth to that where classics back then do not have the same appeal these days as they once did.

For example I loved lemmings on the sega genesis but I would not buy a full retail version today
Dlacy13g  +   1037d ago
I think this all but seals the deal on a new Killer Instinct Title inbound. I mean there have been enough hints and rumors floated around over the past year or so on this game coming that I am pretty much on board with it coming

So is it Kinect only? Is it launch title for the next box? Could it be XBLA?
Magnus  +   1037d ago
About friggin time this game saw the light again. Man I threw many hours on my SNES and N64 playing the hell out of this game. I am actually surprised I always thought Nintendo owned the IP on this game. Now just need a release date and wether its coming via download or a disc format.It would be sweet if Killer Instinct was an Xbox720 launch title.
1Victor  +   1037d ago
It Had Me Saying In My Sleep Kikikilleeer Combo .I Hope They Do Kiler Instinct Justice On The Next Gen Xbox . Now I Gotta Go Into The Dark Hole That Is My Closet And See If I Can Find That K.I CD Soundtrack.
Robotronfiend  +   1037d ago
I would build a cabinet and buy another TE stick for this game. Add in a revival of Primal Rage, and I'm in 90's fighter heaven.
blackstrr411  +   1037d ago
1 more xbox exclusive for nextgen
tinezedw  +   1037d ago
Hopefully, they need them.
thebudgetgamer  +   1037d ago
"1 xbox exclusive for nextgen"
Mikefizzled  +   1037d ago
Still can't believe they could uphold it in the first place. I assume the killer instinct title ran out when Fox made their pretty poor single season show. It got sent to the friday death slot and didn't even finish the season.
sandman224  +   1037d ago
So is this going to be a Microsoft exclusive then? It sounds like it. Does anyone know?
Mikefizzled  +   1037d ago
Rare still own the rights to the game but are owned by Microsoft so would be platform exclusive.
cheetorb  +   1037d ago
Cool, I hope this is true.
What I hope is NOT true are these rumors of nextbox always online and mandatory Kinect. Internet I don't mind too much if it isn't using bandwidth, just verifying legit games but don't make me pay for a stupid camera I don't want to use.
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   1037d ago
KI belongs to Nintendo MS gonna kill that franchise just like they did with Perfect Dark.
LOL_WUT  +   1037d ago
I would never buy a new console just for some fighting game. Hopefully Microsoft keeps the game true to the franchise so they won't mess it up! ;)
Why o why  +   1037d ago
not for a fighting game alone no but if MS finally takes more risks in terms of core titles there may be a glut of games within the first year.....their current behaviour doesnt fill me with confidence but MS start well and sometimes thats all that matters for some.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   1037d ago
One of my all time favourite fighters. It's a shame that not many of my friends know this game.
headblackman  +   1037d ago
now its time to see what the investment of rare will really do for the Xbox and its fans.

my gripe about this is, why was this notmentioined when Nintendo was working with rare and had both killer instinct and killer instinct 2 and killer instinct gold? where was the problem there???
Tzuno  +   1037d ago
At last. God knows that i have waited years for this. bring it on already god damn.
asmith2306  +   1037d ago
I used to love Killer Instinct but a fighting game these days wouldn't make me buy a console. Hell, the MK reboot was top notch and I only played it for a while.
auragenz  +   1037d ago
I understand not buying a system for a fighting game, really, I do. But if Killer Instinct was on 720, I 'd have to buy one.

For me, It would be on par with having to buy a Wii U whenever a real Mario or Zelda game comes out.
maniacmayhem  +   1037d ago
Uuuh, Killer Instinct was so generic though. I would rather they focus on something else. If they just HAD to do it just make a Super KI HD remake. But focus on something else please MS.

Perfect Dark maybe??
tweiupodsif   1037d ago | Spam
Welcome2Die  +   1036d ago
Meh... I really dont see Killer Instinct being an actual good competitive game, at least as far as being a fighter...
If anything this game is gonna bring some nostalgia and then its gonna die because theyre gonna mess up something... Just like Goldeneye...
Kurt Russell  +   1036d ago
Now hopefully they'll make a Killer Intinct that doesn't dick on my younger memories.
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DOOMZ  +   1036d ago
Cant wait!!!

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