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GTA 5 Mural in Downtown Manhattan Looks Bizarre, Unfinished

GR - "The mural that Rockstar is painting of Grand Theft Auto V is bizarrely incomplete." (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

cloud495  +   530d ago
Keyword: "Incomplete"
Az1mov  +   530d ago
It's being painted... duh!!! do we even care to read an article about the mural ... that looks bizarre... unfinished!
"The mural that Rockstar is painting of Grand Theft Auto V is bizarrely incomplete"
Cam977  +   530d ago
Is there anything on the building representing this one in grand theft auto IV?
KrimsonKody  +   530d ago
GTAIV was there on the wall back when it launched. Funny thing is, I always wondered if someone from R* owns the building, because that wall space is always reserved for R* games.
Even Red Dead Revolver had graced the wall (don't remember seeing Red Dead Redemption though).
0pie  +   530d ago
stupid article..
why its on n4g?
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PureSophistry  +   530d ago
Because it's a N4g.
RyuCloudStrife  +   530d ago
it looks wierd because its incomplete. thanks captain obvious.
ps3_pwns  +   530d ago
incomplete pass by this article. why that site still running?
KrimsonKody  +   530d ago
I pass that building/wall all the time (Lower Manhattan). Every GTA since GTA3 has been painted there.
&! They were all complete paintings. Yes, I believe I've seen an half done Vice City in the past, but it eventually was completed.
This article is a bit thirsty, IMO.
BlackWolf  +   530d ago
Painting takes time, you know?
MrRaccoon90  +   528d ago
Why did you make this article why? Why are you soo useless on n4g. Don't ever let me catch you shit talking about Rockstar or grand theft auto. Like everyone else said on here Its ART it takes time to make. You are blind and don't know that things take time. F off

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