Are We Growing War Weary of Ultra-Violent Games?

Forbes: I read an interesting article yesterday by Chris Plante over at Polygon. He was discussing how his wife was very interested in BioShock Infinite, the art, the philosophy and so on, but was limited in her enjoyment of the game because she simply couldn’t stomach the widespread gore and violence that came with it.

Columbia is beautiful, and the philosophical questions Infinite poses are deep and thought provoking. But you have to kill about five hundred people in order to experience the full extent of the quieter portions of the game.

This is something that occurred to me while playing as well. I’m not offended by the violence, after years of consuming such content I’m more than numb to it, but it was just that this beautiful game kept being interrupted by these frenetic, ridiculous combat scenes. Not only did it really muck up the pacing, but it turned our allegedly morally ambiguous hero into a guy that straight up murders the entire police force of a city. A relatively evil city sure, but still.

The truth is, this isn’t the first time I’ve found myself believing that combat has gotten in the way of an otherwise interesting gameplay experience. This happened just a month ago again with the Tomb Raider reboot.

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Freddy_Millz11689d ago

Pozzle, were are u getting all these shit ball articals dude?

FORBES??? Like anyone who even slightly considers themselves half of a gamer, gives a damn about what Forbes thinks about games.

Every story, whether its from a book, fairy tale, movie or a video game has a conflict that involves war. Wars/battles themselves in reality are ultra violent. Don't sit here and say that we all are tired of something because somebody's wife bought Bioshock Infinite and thought that they were just gonna walk around the game and just look at pretty things!
In the case of Tomb Raider, that was a story of Laura coming of age and being forced to do so during a conflict. If you're on a cruise ship and it breaks down, surrounded by Somalian pirates, you have zero time to be girly and civil if u wish to live or be taken as one of their *Playthings*

If you are tired of ultra-violence, fine! Go play something by Nintendo. As for me, I'm an adult and I deserve an adult glass. I'll play what i please, no matter how gruesome and it wont make me shoot up any school anytime so, because I have COMMON SENSE!!!!

aliengmr1689d ago

You didn't actually read the article, did you?

The point of it was that in the case of Lara Croft's coming of age/survival story she kills a ridiculous amount of people.

The article points out that this makes sense for games like Gears, but that in a game like Tomb Raider, its hard to reconcile the narrative with the body count.

War is not the only conflict. And what is being said here is that games are becoming capable of presenting more than just waves of targets to shoot to tell a story.

Then there is the use of ultra violence as a marketing tool. "Buy our game, its mature. See, you can blow heads off the endless waves of enemies!"

Violence actually loses its value in a narrative sense if its not treated seriously. Killing hundreds of enemies starts to undermine the core principals of games like Tomb Raider. Instead of Lara's first kill being a singular moment, that whole scene is made redundant after the scores she kills later.

The article is good, read it.

Freddy_Millz11689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

Meh, I see your point and I agree. It DOES lose its value when marketed to sell. Todays youth are a bit kill crazy. I myself took the title and tag as a personal slap in the face. I like what i like and ultra violence (In moderation mind you) makes for something interesting.

Once it hits the eyes of higher officials however, its when the Politicians, lawyers and bible thumpers come running and I really dont feel like going thru that crap again.

In the case of Tomb Raider, you have to put yourself in her situation. Faced with danger, u gotta shed blood to survive. They want to rip u to shreds, so do on to others....(blah blah) It HAS swayed away from the original concept of the old TR tho and for that i will say u were right.
You have made me see, good sir!

Also, im not gonna read the article cuz im a self righteous a-hole!
*Puts on sunglasses and folds arms*