Gametap: Sam & Max: Chariots of the Dogs Review

In the end, Chariots of the Dogs serves as a very serious necessary because it ties together nearly everything from previous episodes. So though it's whacked and nonfunctional in some respects, with its overabundance of portals, time travel quests, and flat jokes, it's particularly relevant to this season's overarching themes. For followers of season two, it's a must-play, even if it isn't the funniest episode. (Oh yeah, and like Moai Better Blues, you had better watch the credits all the way through.)

Pros: There are fewer jokes that hit their marks, but the ones that do are slam dunks; Bosco's transformation is fun to watch; the alien revealing scene is the best part of the game.

Cons: Few jokes retain that witty, razor-sharp edge Gametap have seen in the first three episodes of this season; Telltale finally took the whole portal/time travel thing too far; and there is just one too many tedious fetch quest this time.

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