First LEGO Marvel Super Heroes screenshots

Take a look at the first screenshots from LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

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pissed9991717d ago

Looks like Crysis but better.

egidem1717d ago

I've enjoyed playing every LEGO release from Traveller's Tales Games so far.

I look forward to this. Any ideas if there is going to be a portable version, like a PS Vita one? :/

christheredhead1717d ago

Yah, they stated there will be a 3ds/vita version along with the standard platforms.

waltyftm1717d ago

Hulk looks great, looking forward to the Lego humour between the Marvel characters.

Brian1rr1717d ago

Batman 2 and lord of the rings were really good o hope they keep on the good work

AceofStaves1717d ago

I can't wait for this game.

toxic-inferno1717d ago

Unfortunately, this is the Lego game that I've been the least interested in since Lego Indiana Jones 2. Just not a fan of Marvel really, and I don't think these screenshots do a particularly great job of showing off the game. :(

I'll probably get lots of disagrees for saying this, though :P:P

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