EDGE - The Last Of Us: Naughty Dog steers clear of Uncharted territory

EDGE - Seconds into our first hands-on demo of The Last Of Us – just as the lean, player-controlled smuggler Joel is about to enter a toppled office block on a desolate, overgrown city street – a pack of rats scurries around a corner of damaged concrete. The rodents offer a bleak parallel to the exotic birds that memorably flutter through the jungles of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted and highlight the differences between the studio’s two projects. They may share tech and a surface style, but The Last Of Us is a dark, feral story of survival, and a stark contrast to Uncharted’s bright sightseeing.

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Walker1873d ago

I think Edge will give The Last of Us a perfect score !

Rusty5151873d ago

I know it's not even out yet, but c'mon. It's a new naughty dog IP with zombies...Who isn't gonna give the game a perfect score?

Root1873d ago

That one site trying to be different

SOD_Delta1873d ago

They're not zombie! They're infected.


Bathyj1873d ago

Is everyone missing the fact that zombies are dead people who walk around despite this handicap?

The infected are not dead, theyre sick.

Good_Guy_Jamal1873d ago

Why do people hype games they haven't played and then call bias when reviewers don't agree with them?

Ezz20131873d ago

i find it funny that you don't say that in Xbox/Multiplat games reviews...i wonder why?!

also EDGE is not the only site who praise the last of us
pretty much every site doing that
it will only look odd for site to bash a game while the rest is in love with it
there is reason why no one like sites like quarter for three

also why i feel that you are angry that game is loved by every one ?!

Bathyj1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

Because everyone who has played it, seen it, or even heard it, has said its great.

Call it an educated guess.

I dont need to set myself on fire to know 3rd degree burns hurt. Its been well documented. I believe everyone that has said it does in fact, burn.

A better question would be, why try to dampen our enthusiasm? Who cares if we think its awesome. Even if we're wrong.

Hicken1873d ago

Why do you do the same, so long as it's not a Sony exclusive?

Sevir1873d ago

I can't wait to play this epic!

clintos591873d ago

I believe with this darker approach this game will be naughty dog's best creation. The reason I say this is because they never created a game this dark. I think this game will be one to remember & will blow ppl away when it is released. I trust in naughty dog to deliver a new standard to the survival action genre. Watch out bioshock infinite u got competition.

Ezz20131873d ago

wow, even EDGE praise The last of us

unchartedxplorer1873d ago

I hope to god that this game doesn't end up being a huge catastrophic disappointment.
But this being ND there is a 0.1% chance of this happening :)

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