The Witcher 3 is DRM-free – “If someone wants to pirate the game, he will.”

CD Projekt RED has confirmed its open-world RPG will be DRM-free, the developer told Kotaku that the studio is trying to move away from DRM altogether.

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dedicatedtogamers1486d ago

I'll be buying this on instead of Steam, since Steam adds its own DRM.

Fun fact: is a partner company to CD Projekt.

SavageKuma1486d ago

I just wonder what improvements they will make from the last game.

NewMonday1486d ago

DRM never stopped the pirates anyway.

Blackdeath_6631486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

it is well known that the DRM version of witcher 2 was pirated more than the non-DRM version. they won't waste their efforts anymore

Rush1486d ago

Watch EA buy them and add online only DRM and a cash shop.

krazykombatant1485d ago

I cant remember the specifics probably that the company is private so they cant be bought as long as the owners dont feel like it.

Moncole1486d ago

You get a Steam key if you buy it on Gog and get a Gog key if you buy it on Steam.

3-4-51485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

You can play offline though.

You can use your account on any computer

It protects and helps you

How are you against STEAM ?

dedicatedtogamers1485d ago

Steam is DRM no matter how you look at it, and 99% of the "helpful" features are features I never use. I simply choose to support CD Projekt on their own website,

DoomeDx1485d ago

Steam DRM?
You can launch steam in offline mode man

dedicatedtogamers1485d ago

...which requires you to first go online and update your games and then choose "go offline". Plus, after about 10 days, Steam won't launch your games anymore, even if you've set the option to be in offline mode. Steam insists on checking for updates and until you go back online it won't let you play your games. Believe me. I've tested it.

aliengmr1485d ago



So have I. I was without internet for 2 weeks and had not one issue. Only thing Steam did was ask if it try to connect again of go offline.

jollygoodchap81485d ago

Guess it's ok to disagree with facts on n4g.

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ApolloTheBoss1486d ago

My GOD. As if I needed another reason to absolutely love this dev.

FantasyStar1485d ago

CDPR contracted Bandai-Namco to handle distribution of TW2 for retailers. The physical copies came with SecuROM. CDPR then released a patch which removed it and Bamco sued them over it.

LapDance19741485d ago

And one more, if they do DLC or an enhanced edition, it will be FREE!

TopDudeMan1486d ago

I agree with their point. For all the DRM companies put on a game, there'll always be a way people get past it.

grailly1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

I think a tiny bit a DRM is not that bad, when there's no DRM at all I'm just way too encouraged to copy the file on a usb stick and give it to a friend, because it doesn't feel like piracy at all. I usually never pirate games, but when they're DRM free I kinda forget that sharing that way is a kind of piracy.

edit: still it's awesome that a company is brave enough to put out a AAA games without DRM, I really don't know of any other AAA game that has done this.

FOXDIE1485d ago

That made no sense at all!

sengoku1486d ago

these guys are heroes!!

Hicken1485d ago

I agree with you, sengoku... has anyone ever told you you look an awful lot a guy named Spike?

sengoku1485d ago

no man never hear of him.. ;)

abc12331486d ago

Finally, a step in the right direction, hope others follow their example.

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