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Thief on PS4 will look 'almost identical' to PC version

The PS4 version of Thief will look "really, really close" to the PC version, the game's producer Stephane Roy has claimed, before hinting at a "special feature" that may only be found in the PC version. (PC, PS4, Thief, Xbox One)

Roccetarius  +   790d ago
Well duh, it may look close, but it's not really. The difference is in the details on PC.

OT: still surprised that they dumped the original voice for Garrett.
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ChronoJoe  +   790d ago
I think he was suggesting they'd look close graphically. So they'd be close on level of detail and such too.

The largest difference will probably be whatever PCs 'special feature' is.
Computersaysno  +   790d ago
How close is close?

Close is an unquantifiable measure.

For the past 7 years of this generation all I have heard developer PR idiots tell us is that ALL the versions are 'identical'

Clearly this has been nonsense and yet we are expected to believe it. The 360 and Ps3 versions have infamously been quite different in visual and performance aspects of several games and the Pc version is on another level of resolution and performance hardware allowing.

The fact that they even called Pc versions of games identical to the consoles games which is an insult to Pc hardware or their weak effort on a game.

I fully expect the Pc version to exploit more powerful hardware, if it doesnt that would be poor show.

Look at them already talking about 'almost identical' versions for the consoles.

I shake my head that people still listen to this sort of thing without seeing the end product.
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MariaHelFutura  +   790d ago
PS3 and 360 multiplatform games are basically identical though.
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Computersaysno  +   790d ago
They are often similar, but they aren't identical.

The fact that the question usually seeks specifics about will there be problems for one version or another and they just fob people off with saying it'll be the same.

Except there are countless examples of poorer Ps3 versions or poorer 360 version when devs have assured they will be the same. The likes of Mafia 2 or Bayonetta come instantly to mind

Not only that it is obvious the Pc version for years shouldnt be 'identical' as has been claimed in the past.

They should be a lot better for better hardware. UE4 on Ps4 doesnt even look that close to the Pc version which is 9 months older when you actually see the shots full screen!



I guess that some devs would call those shots 'almost identical' but if you have eyes you can see for yourself.

Wait for the final version of thief 4 because there is good reason not to believe them over the history of this generation.
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Qrphe  +   789d ago
Based on historical generational jumps and the last two gens, I'm gonna say resolution is going to be the biggest difference.


But that's optimized for only one GPU and that's the GTX680. You can't expect any one game to only be optimized one GPU and much less one like that one.
(In other words, Thief will be done around weaker GPUs in mind).
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RememberThe357  +   789d ago
Your reading too much into it. Pixel counting is weak. MariaHelFutura is talking like a rational person. The difference will be minimal, that is what he's saying, it doesn't need to be an exact number for you to be able to understand his point. We're not talking BF3 consoles vs PC here, we're talking Tomb Raider on PS3 vs 360; nearly identical. Only if they're side by side will you be able to tell any difference.
LAWSON72  +   789d ago
Ya it is almost identical if you play with 30fps and have little to no aa.
thebigman  +   790d ago
"with the high-end PC and next-gen it's going to be really, really close, honestly"

He never touches on detail, he makes it sound like the only difference(if there will be one) would be the inclusion of some special tech, like TressFX or something similar. The fact that the PS4 and "high-end PC" versions look almost identical is impressive.
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decrypt  +   790d ago
Most likely Low to mid range PCs will be maxing the game out too. Hence High end PC wont really be required for this sort of game.

You may as well say PS4 will be close to low to mid range PCs.

High end PCs now a days are reserved for multi screen gaming. Sure there are games that do use the hardware, this just wont be one of them. Recent examples include Hitman, Maxpayne 3, Tombraider etc.
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WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   789d ago
It's unreal 3 so the only difference will be the frame rate. PC will be capable of higher resolutions/FPS and multi-monitor support. You guys should wait to compare a UE4 game.
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ThichQuangDuck  +   790d ago
Good because that will probably be my launch game when I do get a PS3. The return of pure stealth and patience gameplay. Yessir
LightningMokey  +   790d ago
*Cough* PS4 *Cough*
Utalkin2me  +   790d ago
ThichQuangDuck  +   789d ago
Ha I must have some respect because if I was new I would have just lost all bubbles and have infinite disagrees all for one number
Gamer-40  +   790d ago
Really close:S
The Witcher 3?
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BEZZ  +   790d ago
Cool game, respect!

Related video
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isarai  +   790d ago
Kinda guessed as much because no matter how much most PC gamers like to put their specs on a pedestal, there really aren't THAT many games that really test the hardware.
cleft5  +   790d ago
True, but what developers don't do mods will. The ultimate selling point of a high-end PC isn't how much more powerful they are than consoles. It's the fact that people can release mods that push the game pass anything the developers would have allowed you to do.

Have you seen Skyrim with mods? Hell, have you seen Skyrim with the new high-res textures? Initially, Thief will be close to the ps4/720 versions. A week after it is out, the mods will start coming out and that is where the true difference will show. Graphics are great, but mods are the amazing part of PC gaming.
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TongkatAli  +   790d ago
What i got from your reply is that Sony and Microsoft have to work their asses off to make a buck, but Nintendo doesn't have to cause they're that damn good.

LOL! and people say Sony fanboys are a cult.
isarai  +   790d ago
I am a PC gamer, so yes i've seen the skyrim mods, although i RARELY if ever find a mod worth installing. skyrim and oblivion are special cases, i've never seen a game get so much great mod support. And yeah, just about EVERY PC game gets an HD texture pack, and while that is great, it doesn't effect my enjoyment for the console versions at all(unless it's horrendously bad, but that's rare) i'm no graphics whore, so i have absolutely no issue playing the console version over the PC version, i just prefer the simplicity, ease of use, and overall comfort and familiarity of consoles, not to mention my friends are always online so we can chat and such. I mostly use my PC for the powerhouses that are gimped of features on consoles(Like BF3 having 64 players on PC vs 32 on console, not to mention more vehicles and bigger maps on PC)and exclusives
papashango  +   790d ago
Meh CS, DoD, Team Fortress, DayZ, Just about every feature CoD implements comes from mods.

Desert Combat was a mod which imo was what initially kicked off the modern fps shooter generation. It certainly was the reason BF2 was made in a modern setting.

Modding is often seen as just some maps, skins, and HD texture packs.

Total conversion mods can give birth to new IP's or a new genre of gaming.
PS_Family  +   790d ago
Only 30 FPS less...
Coach_McGuirk  +   789d ago
Braid  +   790d ago
Probably most multiplatform games will. Devs don't even care for enhancing the games for PC anymore. Exclusives would be another story but who develops exclusively for PC anyway, even Crytek gave up.
landog  +   790d ago
the resolutions and aa levels will be massively hihger on pc, other than that, ps4 should have 90% of the effects and bells and whistles of the pc, for a year or so

lol...and read the article...the "almost identical" was thrown in at the end by some square enix rep (i.e. some suit who actually knows nothing)

the actual dev said its really close....people say that about tomb raider on ps3 and pc....when the ps3 version looks like a ds game compared to pc

next gen...the gap between pc and consoles will be even bigger....there are pc games out already that look better than anything possible on ps4
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isarai  +   790d ago
i highly doubt resolution will be "Massively Higher" unless you're playing on a monitor higher than 1080p, just about every PS4 game has been running at 1080p, so there's a pretty good chance this will to. AA i can see not being included in the PS4 version though, but really when the game is running at 1080p, the effects of AA are pretty minimal, noticeable, but minimal.

Also how the hell do you already know everything that's "possible on PS4" i mean sure there's a couple PC games that'll blow people away for sure, but we've barely seen what the PS4 can do, even then what has been shown looks amazing. Not to mention how much better things will get as the next generation evolves, i mean look at launch titles this gen compared to what's being released now, it's a MASSIVE difference from Uncharted 1 to 3, even more so to TLOU. Sure PC will pass it up rather quickly, but at what cost? hell to max out crysis 3 atm will cost you a hell of a lot, especially if your building a new rig from scratch
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landog  +   790d ago
what makes you so sure ps4 will be 1920x1080 native resolutions?

I bet, 100%, only 50% of games or less will support native 1920x1080

there will be games at 800p

devs will limit the res, just like last gen, first along with anti aliasing

thats how they take a game made on pc (like all games are, even uncharted is made first on pc) and get it to run on a much more limited console

they chop down the resolution and anti aliasing first, then lower the draw distance, then take the texture count way down

personally I'll be playing thief in 2560x1600
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isarai  +   790d ago
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isarai  +   790d ago
@ landog

i didn't say they wouldn't, but if Killzone Shadow fall could run at 1080p native(which was then uploaded at full 1080p which is how i'm sure), i don't see why other games with great visuals can't.
Korezo  +   789d ago
1080p without aa is very noticeable. I hate playing without aa on 1080p. you mention killzone 4, the first thing I noticed about the game was the jagfest cause of the lack of AA. All games should have Good AA, it makes a world of difference.
BitbyDeath  +   789d ago

Think we watched a different video of Killzone cause the one i had watched looked smooth as a CG movie. Maybe you got a dodgy copy?
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CEOSteveBallmer  +   790d ago
No need to go bashing the console PC users. Think of it this way. What if example they designed a game for PC first. And then tested if the game on PS4/720 can do the same resolution, textures polygons, effects etc. What if the consoles pulled it off?? then it would be identical and everyones good. If not then it would not also be a big deal. Ive compared games on my PC and console. yes theres a difference but its not so much that the console version would look like a previous gen. What ive noticed is PC version is more "Sharp" great textures and more smoother because of framerate. But polygon count is still the same. at the end whether your playing on a PC or console, your gameplay experience is still the same.
DivineAssault  +   790d ago
i guess we will see in a yr or so.. If its using UE3, it better be virtually identical..
jay2  +   790d ago
Thanks to it using the it3 engine nothing else to say
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Saryk  +   790d ago
I will not buy a PS4 (or any console), not because there is anything wrong with it. I’m an old fart and just prefer my PC. IF the PS4 was a shit load better than the PC, I wouldn’t care. These articles of “grass is greener envy” need to really stop. If you want to play on whatever system, play it, cause I am not paying for it!
pissed999  +   790d ago
"For Thief, everything started on PC," Roy explained in an interview with VideoGamer.com. "So for example, all the interface, the menu and stuff like that, we want to adapt it [for next-gen consoles].

So it's a dumbed down action game that uses wall-cover and 6 buttons? Great. Next generation stuff right der.
abzdine  +   789d ago
haha UE3 and close to PC version ? this is pure BS!
leogets  +   789d ago
close as in " study and spot the difference " PC gamers need to realise consoles are getting very powerfull despite the hundreds of pounds/dollars ect you shelled out for to get a hand full of games on maxed settings.. bottom line is don't be jel,be happy.
Bladesfist  +   789d ago
Why would PC gamers be jealous of an inferior experience? I think you got your words mixed up.
OrionNoctis  +   789d ago
i think its funny everyone talking like they have a high end pc , ill let the consoles 1st party games do the talking, and people tend to forget what those same games have done in terms of innovation and wich titles get the "game of the year awards" and such, but anyway people enjoy to argue pointless stuff...
Bladesfist  +   789d ago
Most of the vocal PC Gamers on this site have PCs that are more powerful than the PS4. I know a lot of us also have multi monitor set ups. I guess I must now tell you I have both of these things. Game of the year awards are a joke. They are popularity contests.
OrionNoctis  +   789d ago
i dont think it is popularity contest , The Journey won in various websites the game of the year award like Uncharted 2 and Mario Galaxy...whats powerfull for you? polygon count for me its the overall experience like Shadow of the Colossus for example, but anyway thats me...
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MuhammadJA  +   789d ago
It may look identical, but will it maintain a high FPS/performance? I know the PC version will.
RE_L_MAYER  +   789d ago
Lol almost identical LoL



aLiEnViSiToR  +   789d ago
LoL no but thats ok... we all have our dreams :]

Why you ask ?
PCs - Unlimited
Consoles - Limited
Exclusives only reason i would get a console [PlayStation console 8-)]
Money don't grow on trees well not here on Earth at least xD
Evil_Ryu  +   789d ago
why the hell are they releasing a next gen game on unreal engine 3 and not 4?
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ninjahunter  +   789d ago
Eh is expected, most multiplats are pretty close aside from resolution and if your running a nvidia card maby some SSAO or AA.... And AF.
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