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My Sentiments Exactly: Why racism is good for games

Charlie Power of writes "Hold your fire! I know I’m about to be called a bigoted, stuffy, cisgendered moron but please read the rest of the article before telling me how ignorant I am; I’d just like to start by saying I do not advocate racism as a practice. I do not support it, I do not like the concept of it in our society – but to pretend it didn’t happen, or claim it’s not an integral part of how modern society was formed (and how we’re waging a war on racism, so to speak) is offensive as of itself. It’s not a proud part of who we are, but the Jim Crow laws happened, as did many now despicable acts incited only by race. And I’m glad some game developers have the audacity and gall to start addressing that."

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Community1659d ago
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kreate1659d ago

U can put anything in a video game and im totally cool. Its the ppl who dont play games who should take their offense somewhere else.

Spinal1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

I'm black and I can say racism is good in games. Because its best they remind people the reality of the world we live in. It's better to be honest about our world then to pretend all is fair and well.

But even still I don't even take notice of these things it doesn't bother me in games cause I dont play em for political reasons lol. I play for fun and when they cease being fun I stop playin em.

Army_of_Darkness1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

It just gives me a better reason to work on my head shots;-)

It's always fun killing things that are meaningless in our society.

The Meerkat1659d ago

If racial and cultural sensitivities were taken seriously in games then Reach would never have been glassed and the Locust and Humans would live peacefully together on Sera.

Oh yeah and Mario wouldn't have that outrageous accent.

SuperK1659d ago ShowReplies(2)
mandf1659d ago

Racism is never good. If it's a game to promote racism, then no. If it's a game about racism or has racism as part of story, then I'm fine.

Elusive_Charlie1659d ago

I'm glad we agree! One of the games that springs to mind that uses racism negative is Call To Juarez, but I haven't played it and would be going by the speculation of others and possibly outdated information.

Enigma_20991657d ago

For the love of god, stop going for shock value and find better titles for your articles!