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James Pond, California Games, The Last Ninja and More Getting the HD Revamp Treatment

The return of some much-loved classics. (PS Vita, PS3, System 3, Xbox 360)

valormeer  +   701d ago
Oh yes! \o/ I remember playing James Pond and Cali Games as a kid. This is great news.
Bathyj  +   701d ago
Dude, I just filled the cup!
Freak of Nature  +   701d ago
I can recall James Pond a long time ago on my Amiga....

I would also hope to see revamped killing game show, and Gods, Magic pockets from the bitmap Bros. Turrican and super metroid. The Amiga and Super nes were really something in the 90's...Great times.
FriedGoat  +   700d ago
nah, Atari ST was where it was at.
Bathyj  +   701d ago
Another visitor.
Stay awhile.
truegame  +   701d ago
The Amiga back in the days was awesome and ahead of its time.. I still have the Amiga 1200 in my Garage... man I am getting old..
Freak of Nature  +   700d ago
It really was something special in it's time. Don't worry, you are not alone in getting old...
KentBlake  +   701d ago
Wow! Last Ninja! Best news of the week!

Now if they could only do Paradroid too...
FaSCoRP  +   701d ago
Gods! What a great game.
Freak of Nature  +   700d ago
Yup really fun and looked great for it's time, the Bitmap bros really did things right with quite a few games....

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