The Best-Selling Atari 2600 Games of All-Time

Welcome to a new feature series on VGChartz where we aim to explore major video game platforms, past and present, and bring you the most successful games on each. Without further ado, we present the godfather of modern video game consoles and the driving force in the first video game boom (and crash) - the Atari 2600.

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JarqueMcLark1997d ago

1. Pac-Man
2. Pitfall
3. Asteroids
4. Missile Command
5. Space Invaders

guitarded771997d ago

DAMN SON... 7.81 million for Pac-Man.

Tultras1997d ago

that's it??
But it always seemed to me that everyone and their grandmas played that game.

guitarded771997d ago

@ Tultras

Yeah, in arcades and on other platforms, but that's a huge number for just the 2600. That's probably a huge portion of the install base of the system itself.

darthv721997d ago

i had a shipment of about 30 2600 games sent to me from a guy on ebay. All in good shape and played perfectly.

I liked pitfall and pacman and empire strikes back but there were so many obscure ones that just didnt get the respect they deserved. And others that were plain rubbish.

2600...the legend will never die.

Robotronfiend1997d ago

Yeah and Atari Pac-Man was a terrible port too. It barely looked like the arcade, the ratios were off and color was well... weird.

1997d ago
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Philoctetes1997d ago

I owned both Pac-Man and ET. I think that's why I'm so jaded and cynical as an adult.

Horny1997d ago

This system nearly killed home consoles and video gaming in general. I don't care how many fond nostalgic memories someone has the system had few good games with most being completely trash.

Psn8001997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Combat , Quebert , Space Invaders .

finbars751997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

3.Crystal Castles

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Gamer-401997d ago

My favorite games on Atari 2600 Jr.

2.,Cosmic Ark
4.,Donkey Kong

Fishermenofwar1997d ago

Cosmic Ark was epic...With that silver cartridge....LOL

Gamer-401997d ago

Black plastic with that silver vignette.
Old days..

Cam9771997d ago

Hahaha... You'll only truly get that joke if you know the story behind it.

allegretto25001997d ago

I know the e.t. story. at the time the average price for a new Atari game was $25. e.t. was priced at a minimum of $40. in 1980's dollars that was like charging $70-$80. the game was BAD. I swear, 6 months later I saw it in the bargain bin at my local department store for 99 cents!!!
afterwards it was one of the games buried in a cement covered landfill.

allegretto25001997d ago

it only sold that many because people bought it on the name alone. at the time there was no internet (at least none that the general public could use) to read game reviews and player opinions. once word did get around in gaming magazines sales dropped like a stone. they had made a ton more cartridges than usual for e.t. expected huge sales which didn't happen. for various reasons it was one of the first home entertainment products of the era to be buried in an unmarked cement covered pit.

Robotronfiend1997d ago

But you could totally get that flower and then crane your neck and float into the air... Oh so bad. So, so bad.

I loved:
Laser Blast
Plaque Attack

lex-10201997d ago

What's really interesting when reading this story is that despite the negative reviews of the game, negative tones, and negative reception, some of these "professionals" still tried to defend it even after everyone said it was terrible.

Fishermenofwar1997d ago

You mean the system seller??


greenmeanie1997d ago

I can't believe E.T. was the 8th best selling game! It is pretty much considered by the gaming community to be the worst game ever made! Haha!

By the way, I am learning more and more that some people on this site are just pricks, how do you get a disagree for stating a factual statement? It is true afterall, the word "E.T." is a joke in the gaming community.

greenmeanie1996d ago

How do people disagree with this?! If you look up E.T. the game on wikipedia it literally says that it is considered to be one of the worst games ever made! People on this site are so annoying and immature and need to grow up! Seriously. There is like people who troll through this site disagreeing on everything that everyone says. I know it!

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Perjoss1997d ago

The 2600 was my first console, can't believe its been 35 years since I started gaming...


guitarded771997d ago

Yeah, I still got mine stored away in the shed. Remember having to take a screwdriver to the TV because the clamps slipped out? Good times. I learned everything I need to know about wiring an entertainment center from hooking up consoles.

finbars751997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Lol those cheap dam clips that bent and broke with ease if not done careful enough.Silly t.vs back then with those dam screws.Got to love the joystick with that nice cheap plastic pole covered in rubber that broke so easily.What about the old vic20.Typing in what direction you wanted to go in and typing sword to draw it or even the pong that plugged into your tv before the atari and the start of the vic20 era with the floppy discs.Man I feel old and but still young at heart.Im glad I got to experience every generation to date.

thebudgetgamer1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Mines too. It was 1987, I love finding others as old as me. Back in the day when you needed a butterknife in order to connect you console to your television.


Tell me more of this butter knife tactic...

thebudgetgamer1997d ago

This is a version of a 2600 television adapter. Note the forks.

I can't find a picture but on the back of oldy time television there were screws in the back of it and you stick the forks under them and screwed them into place.

ZBlacktt1997d ago

I still own it and the Intellivision when it first came out as well. Still have my NES from back then too. Along with many others that came afterwards.

Tultras1997d ago

Damn, I'm Half your age. O.o

I started with the First mainstream sega console, but I believe I have played The Atari 2600

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fracturedrich1997d ago

my top 5 1 pitfall 2.keystone cops invaders 4.pac man 5.krull

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