Digimon Masters Unveils File Island

Joymax, a leading online game developer and publisher of free to play MMORPGs today previews an upcoming content update for their exciting MMORPG, Digimon Masters! Based on the popular Japanese animation series, Digimon Masters takes place in both the human and digital worlds, with players taking on the role of Tamers, ensuring the two don't collide with disastrous results. Join the Digital World now and be ready for the massive update coming on April 9th.

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krontaar1906d ago

Played the beta last year. Was a huge mess but I still enjoyed it for a couple hours.

2pacalypsenow1906d ago

Digimon back in 2001 was the Shi* i loved that show when i was a child

chrispseuphoria1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

I'd like to see Digimon Rumble Arena 3 or Digimon World 5. I loved those franchises when I was a kid and I'd love to try them again with a new installment.

Qrphe1906d ago

I'd be happy enough with the localization of one of the latest games.