Injustice Demo Not Available on PSN in New Zealand

Intended to release today, the demo for upcoming fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us is not available to New Zealand PSN users.

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Sandmano1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

Make a Na account...

black9111873d ago

Sandmano Beat me to it.

Topic closed!

Sandmano1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )


hazelamy1873d ago

good advice, except doesn't every PS3 owner that has their console online already have accounts for different regions?

even Shuhei Yoshida says he has multiple accounts for different regions.

Sandmano1873d ago

Well if that's true then why are people complaining? Heck the na store updates before all other stores by more than a day! So it's either their lazy or they don't know about the other stores, which one is worse is up to you to decide...

hazelamy1873d ago

with demos it's not worth complaining about any more, but the thing is, the number of full titles that get lost in the scee QA dungeon is just staggering.

we still haven't got CS:GO.
we had to wait something like two years for Auditorium.
9 months for the pink knight dlc for Castle Crashers, and now we don't know when we'll actually get Terraria.

getting free stuff from other stores is easy, paid for content is harder, not impossible, but harder, and if it's Vita content, you're pretty much screwed unless you have multiple, proprietary overpriced, memory sticks.

clintagious6501873d ago

I can see them doing the haka around their ps3. Kamate Kamate lol.

hazelamy1873d ago

at least with demos being free you can use overseas accounts, it's very rare that demos are region locked, but not unheard of.