Million Arthur, Square Enix’s Free To Play Video Game, Is Enhanced For Vita

After gaining over a million users on smartphones, Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur is coming to PlayStation Vita. It’s still a free to play card game monetized through item sales, but the Vita version is different.

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sherimae24131571d ago

they should bring a lord of vermilion game to the vita instead
the arts for those cards are really cool ^_^

TongkatAli1570d ago

Free to play ? Can you unlock things playing the game like Jetpack Joyride ?

Rezka1570d ago

Things for the vita just keep on getting better and better yay for f2p

Whxian1570d ago

how "f2p" can a f2p card game really be is the real question anyways

izumo_lee1570d ago

Yeah this game is cool & all but Squarenix i am, as well as millions of other Vita owners out there are waiting on Final Fantasy Type-0. You know the game that was released 2 years ago. Heck just put on the PSN store as a digital release, we'd be happy with that.

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