12 People Who Are A Little Too Obsessed With BioShock's Elizabeth

IGN - We love Elizabeth, but this might be taking it too far...

TheRichterBelmont1124d ago

Well, she definitely is waifu material...

g2gshow1123d ago

WOW @SARYK i just learnt something new

this is what i have to say about that anyone who has a WAIFU ! is a LOSER
what's going on in this world WWOOOOOOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

DAM!!!! really

Saryk1123d ago

I am to educate! Really, I had no clue either, so GOOGLE!

Veneno1124d ago

I prefer real girls but if I had to pick a favorite digital girl it would be chloe Frazier. But Elizabeth is very cute too.

Rask1124d ago

Elizabeth is cute indeed, but If Cortana were real, I definitely would marry her.

LordOfAdmirals1123d ago

Us guys are hotwired to find femals attractive wheather real or imaginative. Im 21 so elizabeth to me was beautiful

RioKing1123d ago

I'd pick the chick from Farcry 3, only because I've banged her twice in the game already, lol

bunt-custardly1124d ago

Whilst playing, Elizabeth came across as underage for me. Not once did I feel any sexual bond even when her cleavage was exposed. As a character, she could look after herself but I found the vulnerability of the Princess in the Prince of Persia remake much more compelling - both offering similar roles.

Elizabeth felt more like a sister rather than someone to fall for.

MoveTheGlow1124d ago

They're silly, but I've personally known girls with a thing for Sephiroth, so basically, we're all silly.

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