Injustice Launches For Free On iOS

Injustice: Gods Among Us will launch on console platforms on April 19, but iOS users can get their hands on a mobile version of the brawler now.

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cloud4951844d ago

I would like to try this out. Too bad it's only available on iOS devices.

shamon1844d ago

thanks i just downloaded this pretty fun

dp2774071844d ago

Ive got this on the new Itouch and man it makes this thing hot as hell and it keeps saying something about the memory when im playing. I;m not sure if the iphone 5 has better tech but if it does i'll try and download it on my wife's phone. I tried to check it out for my nexus 7 but as I didnt know it isnt on android. It is fun though.

dp2774071844d ago

cool, I'll have to get it on there then.