GameSpot's Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Preview and Screens

The first level in the game was pretty familiar to GameSpot as it was the level demoed for them during GDC and based on the opening of the first film. You'll take control of Indy and his "friend" Satipo as they enter ruins in search of a gold relic. Obviously, the level played out a bit longer than the movie sequence, courtesy of a much richer, more involved route to the relic. New gameplay elements such as ladders, swing points for Indy's trusty whip, and new collectibles were all on display in the level, which featured a colorful look with a few placeholder elements here and there. In keeping with the whole explorer vibe of the movies, the level featured a number of different puzzles, some you could solve solo, and others that required cooperating with your AI controlled buddy.

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